How to Integrate Audio APIs into Your Appium Automation Scripts

Have you ever had trouble testing the audio functionality of your mobile application? Capturing, injecting, and comparing audio has historically been a tricky area in mobile automation testing. Even trying to validate something as simple as checking if the correct audio plays during a prescribed action can be a daunting task. HeadSpin’s Audio APIs simplify […]

Writing an Appium test in Kotlin

Kotlin is a modern programming language that focuses on conciseness, clarity, and code safety. Google officially adopted Kotlin by adding support into Android Studio in 2017 and since then has announced it as the preferred language for Android developers at Google I/O 2019. Perhaps your Android app team has incrementally added Kotlin code to your project […]

Tutorial: How to use HeadSpin Audio API in Appium

Video Transcription Hi everyone. Today. I’m going to showcase the HeadSpin audio apis. In this demonstration, I will: Start a Google Hangouts with myself Capture the audio and, Injected it on the device. So what I’ll do now is leverage our audio capture API and I will go ahead and execute this.  I’ve specified the max duration […]

Tips for Speeding Up Your Remote Appium Sessions

I am the founder of this consulting firm called CloudGrey, where we focus on mobile automation and helping clients get their mobile automation strategy going and whether they should use Appium or something else, training teams, stuff like that. I also work with the Appium open source project and have been involved with that since […]

Appium – Mobile Test Automation

Accelerate your Appium test cycles with HeadSpin Improve your mobile app performance with more efficient testing. Request Demo What is Appium? Appium is an open-source tool for automating native, mobile web, and hybrid applications on iOS mobile, Android mobile, and Windows desktop platforms. Native apps are those written using the iOS, Android, or Windows SDKs. […]

First Look at Appium 2.0 and New Drivers

Good morning everyone, or good afternoon, or evening, or midnight, depending on where you might be in the world. I’m really excited to be here in what is my morning, talking about Appium drivers and Appium 2.0. So, Jason already gave a very complete introduction for me, so I’ll just add this picture. I’m even […]

Batching Appium Commands Using Execute Driver Script to Speed Up Tests

Original post from AppiumPro Both Appium and Selenium are based on a client/server architecture, where the test commands are triggered by a client that could be very far away from the server which actually performs the commands. The advantages of this client/server architecture are very important, allowing Appium tests to be written in any language, […]