Field Testing with HeadSpin Bring Your Own Devices

April 7, 2021
Brien Colwell

We built our WebRTC bridge technology to enable fast access to devices on a global infrastructure. We just opened up the ability for anyone to add their devices to their own personal HeadSpin Compass account. There are many possibilities of how you can use this to accelerate your ability to test and measure user experience and performance. The article will dive into a single use case of using the bridge to connect devices in the field for debugging and testing.

Devices Everywhere

Anywhere you have a Windows laptop, a macOS computer, a Linux computer, or an IoT device that can run a binary such as a RaspberryPi, you can connect a device and use it with HeadSpin Compass.

One simple setup that will let you use, automate and collect user experience data from a device anywhere is below. Here we have a RaspberryPi Zero running Raspbian Linux and hs provide binary, with two connected devices: 1. the device under test, and 2. a device set up as with rndis tether as a backbone connection.

Wherever the unit goes, the device will show up in HeadSpin Compass.

Here you can remotely control and debug the device. Anyone on your team can run the hs connect command and connect their local tools to the device for debugging and development.

Below are the commands to connect the device to your local development tools. Now it shows up on the command line, Android Studio, traceview, or whatever tools you use for debugging, testing, and development.

hs connect -t 549ecde2897f4f02ae943599f3c4e984

1/1  connected

==> available locally

adb devices -l

List of devices attached device product:sunfish model:Pixel_4a device:sunfish transport_id:5

You can also run automation on the device using the automation APIs from HeadSpin Compass.


This is one use case of many for bring-your-own devices in HeadSpin Compass. Our mission is to be the easiest way to use devices to automation and collect user experience and performance data. I hope bring-your-own devices open up more possibilities to accelerate your team’s mission than ever before.