Introducing HeadSpin Compass

January 13, 2021
Brien Colwell

Mobile experiences are becoming increasingly complex, and so have the ways in which we innovate and deliver them. In today’s ever-evolving and expanding digital world, interactions span across multiple touch points and require a variety of apps, devices, networks, and locations. Poor application performance that degrades customer experience leads to higher bounce rates, lower customer satisfaction, and brand dilution. This complexity, coupled with the demand for swift innovations and high expectations consumers have for mobile experiences, creates challenges for developers and QA teams: how can they improve the speed and overall user experience of their product across locations, all while having the time to build their product and grow their key metrics? So, we came up with an innovative solution for this challenge.

We recently launched HeadSpin Local, our manual testing platform that made it possible for teams to test their mobile and hybrid apps on devices around the world. Today, we’re excited to introduce our automated testing and performance monitoring platform, HeadSpin Compass, as we continue on our mission to help developers create and deliver flawless digital experiences.

Test, Monitor, and Analyze

HeadSpin Compass lets you test, monitor, and analyze your mobile user experiences across web and apps on real devices around the world – no code changes needed. With Compass, you can get assured optimal digital experiences with in-depth performance visibility, extensive key performance indicators (KPIs), and ML-based insights and recommendations. Compass also complements your existing development processes by giving you data and monitoring side by side with your existing metrics, so you can spend less time worrying and more time innovating.

HeadSpin Compass enables developers to deliver high-quality mobile experiences more efficiently through the following features:

Global Device Infrastructure

Test and monitor where your users are in 17 locations worldwide: Sydney, São Paulo, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Tokyo, Johannesburg,  Seoul, Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Palo Alto, San Francisco, and Dallas. Great for all your localization testing needs.

Emulators and simulators don’t always provide all the capabilities a physical device offers. Our Global Device Infrastructure comprises real iOS and Android devices, running on local carriers and the latest OS, so that you can test in a realistic environment that mirrors the OS and devices customers actually use in the real world. No SDK required.

Manual and automated testing

Whether you’re putting performance or usability first, it’s always more beneficial to do both manual and automated testing. Most tools have you choose one or the other — HeadSpin Compass lets you do both.

In-Depth Performance and QoE Data

From code and packet analysis to machine learning and computer vision techniques that surface unique video, streaming, page content, MOS, and other QoE metrics, HeadSpin’s AI engine gives you the data and analysis you need to proactively identify and resolve performance and functional issues faster. Augment user feedback or understand your user experience impact on churn, engagement, conversions, and more with data powered by HeadSpin’s AI engine.

Examples of user experience issues identified by HeadSpin’s AI Engine:

Root cause issues:

  • Connection Reuse
  • Domain Sharding
  • Duplicate Messages
  • Unoptimized Resource: image/png
  • Unoptimized Resource: image/tiff
  • Unoptimized Resource: image/gif
  • Unoptimized Resource: text
  • HTTP Errors
  • HTTP Redirects
  • Slow Downloads
  • Slow Hosts
  • Slow TLS

User experience issues

  • Low Page Content
  • Loading Animation
  • Screen Freezing
  • Poor Video Quality
  • Slow App Launch
  • Slow Webpage Load
  • Low Frame Rate

Experience monitoring

Continuously monitor and analyze the KPIs that matter to you, including custom-defined user journey interactions specific to your app, for full visibility into the real user experience. Aggregate and regression dashboards allow you to compare time-correlated metrics across apps, networks, devices, and locations. Build a rich ontology with custom annotations for fine-grained analysis.

Secure, scalable APIs

Our comprehensive library of APIs provide support for any test framework and enables as many workflows as possible without user intervention.

Support for all automation frameworks

Seamlessly run your existing tests and quickly create new ones with our native Appium and Selenium or Mabl support and support for additional frameworks, including UIAutomator, XCTest, Espresso, XCTest, Xcode, and more, via the HeadSpin Bridge. No proprietary test framework — our secure Bridge technology lets you add devices seamlessly to your existing test frameworks, integration servers, and development environments.

Parallel testing

Run concurrent tests across devices so you can compare testing results simultaneously.

HeadSpin Device Tray

Analytical Data Pipeline

Easily export data and insights to your business intelligence (BI) tools and visualization dashboards with flexible integrations to REST APIs, webhooks, and BI platform connectors.

Team Management

Collaborate with your team members with our team and user access features.

Test artifacts

Save screenshots, test logs, captured network packets, HTTP traffic, and recorded sessions to share with your team.

Try it for yourself

Let us help you perfect your next mobile experience. Start testing, measuring, monitoring, and analyzing with HeadSpin Compass by signing up for a free trial.

Looking for more advanced performance and analytics features?

Bigger projects require even bigger solutions. If you’re looking for additional performance and analytics features such as audio QoE or code profiling, contact us to learn more about our Enterprise plans.