Mobile Games Leading the Charge

Similar to most people, I’ve found myself dealing with a not-so-pressing issue of suddenly having more free time during this lockdown. Personally, I’ve enjoyed DOOM Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Horizons when I’m taking a break from Netflix (and snacking). That said, console gaming and video streaming are not the only areas surging. 

From a mobile perspective, AppAnnie recently announced that Q1 2020 was the largest-ever quarter in terms of consumer spend on apps for both gaming and non-gaming. In terms of downloads, mobile games led the charge, yielding the most growth. From the AppAnnie chart below, we see that mobile game downloads grew 20% YoY, exceeding 13 billion downloads in Q1 2020 with RPGs and casual gaming being the driving forces.

Average Weekly Downloads in Games

With this increased traffic and consumption, focusing attention on optimizing for ads and/or IAPs to maximize revenue is at the forefront of gaming developers’ strategies. However, this creates an opportunity to focus on experiences for gamers. For developers, leveraging seamless experiences fuel growth in many aspects, including organic growth from positive user reviews, more time spent for games that are fluid, and more ads for ad-based games (due to the increased time spent). 

Key Challenges Beyond Ads for Games​

Whether you’re focusing on RPGs, mid-core, or casual, there are three key areas that translate into a seamless experience for your users. The following are key things to consider, and why they matter, when thinking about fueling growth beyond just ads. 

  1. Frame rate stability: ensures visuals are being displayed quickly and smoothly, providing the overall satisfactory viewing experience for gamers


  2.  Efficient battery usage: provides better experiences without having to constantly charge their devices or augment their usage
  3. Device compatibility globally: maximizes the number of users without losing out on quality and performance 

How Can HeadSpin Help?

HeadSpin proactively optimizes for user experience, providing root cause analysis to ultimately drive better user engagement, revenue, and retention. Specifically, we focus on automated and/or manual functional testing, performance management, and continuous monitoring via thousands of sim-enabled devices globally in more than 100 locations (including China) across iOS and Android. 

We’re excited to partner with gaming developers. Some of our clients include NetEase, Zynga, Google, and Facebook. Feel free to contact us with questions about how we can help drive even more growth for your games.