One Way to Automate Appium on Roku's Set-top Box

Nov 14, 2019 8:00:00 AM


Automating video streams with Appium on HeadSpin’s performance platform is an exciting prospect! Attempting to quantify the quality of a video streamed to a user usually involves measuring the performance of the stream at its broadcast. Finding the performance of a video stream at the moment when the user experiences content is what matters most to the developer.

HeadSpin’s video performance metrics quantify the quality of a stream and give monitoring feedback on the quality of the video from a viewer’s perspective.

We recently had the opportunity to pilot our platform for Roku with some good results.

HeadSpin makes this task manageable and allows our customers to offer their users content at the best possible quality. Doing so with Appium brings reliability and predictability to customers. As demonstrated in the video below, automating a user flow with Appium is a breeze. This allows us to navigate our Roku set top box and see the viewer’s video in HD, with real-world and real-time conditions.

In the following video, we used an Appium automated test to open the Roku app on a mobile device, activate and connect the app remote to our Roku set top box, and use it to navigate through a user flow. You can see the device on the left-hand side of the video, with the corresponding remote Roku set top box on the right-hand side. By automating these user flows, we can quickly capture and analyze to find issues before users experience them.

Once a session output is captured, we analyze it with HeadSpin’s proprietary performance metrics. Our platform quantifies the overall quality with a HeadSpin MOS score. HeadSpin quantifies the time the end-user spends experiencing degradation of their favorite content, and allows providers to ensure delivery of reliable high-quality content to their users. HeadSpin’s platform uses Machine Learning to identify issues that you may notice in apps such as lack of page content, excessive use of loading spinners and animations, and slow loading times that impact the way users consume content.



Take a look at a sample of our HeadSpin platform running an Appium test on Sling with a Roku set top box: