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Securely scale up your remote testing efforts

Delve deep into client-side issues pertaining to native code, device resources, and 3rd party SDKs.

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Introducing Code Profiling

HeadSpin’s proprietary hardware enables you to immediately and securely scale up your remote testing efforts. Developers can securely connect with their remote devices and monitor non-noise interfered data through our proprietary RF compliant hardware and custom USB hub. Our hardware can be added to new locations beyond our 150 countries on request.


Pinpoint issues early in the dev cycle

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Publish high-quality apps on day one and beyond

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HeadSpin’s NimbleApp into CI workflows can help developers, QA, product and engineering Managers collaborate and test across the world.

Deep Code Visibility

Profile critical app user flows on real devices. Pinpoint root
causes of issues such as crashes, hung and slow methods,
and third-party SDK bloat.
Bug Finding

Diagnose app crashes

Pinpoint root causes of slowdowns

Measure network, memory, and disk usage

Smart Alerts

Catch and fix regressions in your code with built-in AI.
Get instantly alerted to slowdowns, crashes, and other
critical issues as soon as problem code is introduced.

Get smart alerts for crashes and slowdowns

Automatically compare app

Track method count and package size

CI/CD Integration

Seamlessly integrate into continuous integration workflows and automatically analyse every build of your app. Speed up your release checklist and catch hard to find issues.

Integrate into CI/CD workflows

Identify build-over-build regressions

Track performance over time

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