Rapidly launch high quality releases on a tight schedule

Automatically profile every critical user flow for every build of your mobile app, and quickly identify client-side performance issues across native code, device resources, and 3rd party SDKs.

Deep Code Visibility

Diagnose app
Get automated crash reports for all profiled Scenarios along with the accompanying stack trace.
Pinpoint root causes
of slowdowns
Examine the call stack or CPU time by dependency to identify slow methods and SDK bloat.
Measure network, memory,
and disk usage
See how your app is using system resources for each Scenario that is profiled.

Ensure total visibility and control throughout the app lifecycle

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No SDK or code changes required

Get automated crash reports for all profiled Scenarios along with the accompanying stack trace.

Create customized user flows

Use standard Espresso syntax to create multi-step user flows to profile actions that are critical to your business. Annotate the exact start and stop of measurements with simple log statements.

CI/CD Integration

Integrate into CI/CD workflows

Automate functional and performance testing by integrating with any CI/CD tool, including Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, UIAutomator, Espresso and more.

Identify build-over-build regressions

Automatically profile and baseline every build of your app with built-in AI. Identify performance degradation as soon as issues are introduced.

Track performance over time

Track the performance history for every build of your app to give your team insight into how app performance has changed over time.

Smart Alerts

Get smart alerts for crashes and slowdowns
Configure email and Slack alerts to inform you about app crashes or
Automatically compare app builds
Compare full call stacks, system resources, app startup and user flow metrics across app builds to identify the source of performance regressions.
Track method count and package size
Identify APK/IPA package size increases and find out what’s adding to your method
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Delve deep into client-side issues pertaining to native code and device infrastructure