The Challenge

Akamai provides customers with an end-to-end solution for improving performance and reliability of mobile apps. Akamai’s Senior Director of Project Management, Gareth, faced several challenges when trying to show customers how this solution could benefit them.


  • Need to establish credibility

    “In order to find areas where our customers can improve their apps — and in order to gain trust and credibility — we needed a way to be able to take a look inside their app,” says Gareth.


  • Existing testing platforms didn’t help

    “We tried to use a couple of other testing solutions to get these insights and they were expensive, unreliable, and hard to use,” says Gareth. “Most of the testing solutions that are out there are fixed line, so they don’t represent actual cell phone usage.”

  • Manual testing was cumbersome and inefficient

    Manual testing also wasn’t viable. “You'd have to manually add up all the different timings of requests to see what was going on inside the app,” says Gareth. “To get a field of hundreds of services people around the world to follow this process was next to impossible.” As a result, testing was often skipped in the sales process, which hurt Akamai’s credibility.

The Solution

HeadSpin’s innovative platform give Gareth and his team an easy, efficient way to test customers’ app performance.


Real app testing — anywhere in the world

With 22,000+ real devices in 150+ locations around the world, HeadSpin allows Akamai to test apps with real devices running on real networks. “With HeadSpin, our people in the field can see exactly what's happening inside an app, whether they’re in North America, Europe, or APJ,” says Gareth.

“We’re able to make recommendations to customers about how they can improve performance and reliability — whether it’s improving reuse of PCP connections or caching. A lot of those things tie directly into the services and solutions that Akamai offers, so HeadSpin makes it easier for our field teams to do their jobs.”


Easy implementation and exceptional support

According to Gareth, HeadSpin has been extremely easy to implement and work with. “Now it's simply a matter of logging into HeadSpin with a browser and running tests. No code to install, no additional set up on our side. That’s what makes it so easy for our field teams to adopt.

And HeadSpin was very willing to work with us to do custom development that helps us take full advantage of the service. The customer service is exactly what you would hope and expect. It lets us trust that we can put our business on this platform. That's why we keep expanding the relationship.”


Validating improvements

“It's not good enough to say that we're going to make some improvements,” says Gareth. “With HeadSpin, we're able to go back and compare the initial report we produced with one created after implementation of our technology. And we show the differences — what's been optimized. That not only helps us, but also helps our customers, because then the teams we work with can show how they are helping their business.”


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