AWS China and Alibaba Cloud are competing to provide on-demand cloud computing services to customers throughout the Middle East region. To stay ahead of the competition, AWS China relied on HeadSpin to collect detailed UX and performance data that it could use to improve its own cloud performance and demonstrate AWS China’s competitive advantage in the Middle East.


AWS asked HeadSpin to help gather precise UX and network quality data using real devices running on real networks in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Oman and several other locations in the Middle East. Tests were conducted by frequently pinging multiple URLs that had been defined by AWS China’s team prior to testing. Each test sent 20 packets of data to specified URLs and carefully monitored any packet drops.



Measure (AWS China and Alibaba Cloud)

HeadSpin collected precise UX and network quality data using devices interacting with AWS China servers on real carrier networks. HeadSpin testing devices were located in several cities throughout the Middle East. HeadSpin also collected similar UX and network quality data from devices interacting with Alibaba Cloud servers on the above networks.



With the data collected by HeadSpin, AWS China was able to develop a detailed competitive report that explained how AWS China stood up to Alibaba Cloud. Reports were generated internally by AWS China’s team based on data provided by HeadSpin.


% Occurrence of Package Lost

% Occurrence of Package Lost

Average Max Round Trip Time from Cairo, Egypt (ms)

Average Maximum Round Trip Time (ms) from Cairo Egypt


HeadSpin benefits Cloud Providers

HeadSpin benefits cloud providers by allowing them to be able to measure and quantify cloud performance — for any carrier, tested using real devices. Carrier-enabled devices and carriers each have different DNS servers, and only HeadSpin provides the visibility to determine if API server access works consistently across all carriers.


HeadSpin benefits App Developers

For app developers to succeed, they need seamless hosting. Hosting their APIs servers in the right cloud can quite literally make or break their user’s experience — as cloud performance impacts latency and response time and ultimately determine client-side performance. 

By using HeadSpin companies can determine which cloud environment performs the best for their hosting. Contact us about our mobile app performance and benchmarking report.

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