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HeadSpin’s Browser Testing and Functional Testing Capabilities Help Power Key Citi Ventures Applications: Worthi by Citi and City Builder

How HeadSpin helped Citi Ventures

About the Company

Citi Ventures harnesses the power of Citi to help people, businesses, and communities thrive in a world of technological change. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

They faced two challenges

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Functional testing of two Citi mobile applications
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Regulatory and compliance testing


The Citi Ventures team’s process for testing browser apps was manual. They needed a solution to automate their browser testing function for their two key apps Worthi by Citi and City Builder. With their initial focus on web browsers requiring daily tests to be run in three environments, their tests would have taken several months to perform if done manually. The Citi Ventures team knew they needed to adopt automated testing to increase deployment velocity and improve the experiences of their two apps.

“HeadSpin is a trusted QA technology partner for my web engineering group at Citi Ventures Studio.”

Citi Ventures sought out HeadSpin in their move to automation, deploying 12 devices — both Apple and Android phones and tablets — across Palo Alto, Denver, and Miami. In order to do functional testing and test regulatory and compliance for their two apps, Citi Ventures implemented HeadSpin to create Selenium scripts and execute them at a specific cadence, as well as to perform pre-launch testing. The Citi Ventures team can quickly access their test results through the Grafana dashboards on the HeadSpin platform.


With HeadSpin, Citi Ventures has been able to complete nearly 24,000 tests on both desktop browsers and mobile devices. The team saves hours of internal infrastructure management and manual testing, and are able to launch new features and create quality experiences in confidence.