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Games24x7 Achieves Centralized Test Automation with HeadSpin’s Device Infrastructure and Testing Capabilities

HeadSpin customer case study - Games24x7

About Games24x7

Games24x7 is an online gaming platform headquartered in India. The company skillfully utilizes the principles of Behavioral Science, Data Science, and AI to bring an innovative gaming experience to its users.


Games24x7 had set up the internal device lab with all of their devices connected to a dozen laptops but were unable to scale as connecting a large number of laptops & their maintenance was a tedious task. They thus looked for a better solution that was more reliable and sustainable in the long run. Faced with a transition to remote work, during the pandemic, the Games24x7 team had access to limited devices & they needed to find a way to access their pool of devices to carry out testing and continued support for the planned releases.
Internal device lab

The Solution

Onnivation identified the challenges faced by Games 24x7 and introduced them to HeadSpin, a key testing platform focusing on perfecting digital experiences by means of data science. It is also used by global gaming companies to improve and perfect their apps. For this transition to remote work, Games24x7 started using HeadSpin for their automation & exploratory testing. Additionally, now they are also using the platform to test other metrics like FPS value, battery drain, memory usage, logs, videos, etc.  It is a single, secure and portable enclosure that fits all of their devices & fulfills all their requirements.

Team members can access these devices in the cloud and conduct manual testing through the HeadSpin Remote Control Workbench, which replicates device screens with full support for gestures and orientation(for both iOS & Android).
achieve better quality

The results

Games 24x7 executed a month-long POC to test various use cases successfully. With  HeadSpin, Games24x7 achieved their vision of a more efficient and centralized testing process, eliminating the need to maintain multiple test devices on their own.

HeadSpin’s Remote Control allows the Games24x7 team to access the devices and screens of their choice, at any time, from anywhere.

Games24x7 observes that they can achieve better quality, by capturing the FPS and battery values via their automation and then reporting these issues in early stages to proactively resolve them before users face similar issues while using the app. They are successfully testing audio on real devices with HeadSpin.

The platform also helps them with insights and recommendations that are beneficial in pinpointing errors and solving issues that require attention.

Key use cases

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Internal Testing of online platform
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Remote Access and Control of devices
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AI-based Insights and Recommendations for Performance Optimization
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Memory consumption and drop in FPS
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Jenkins Integration for CI/CD

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