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Globo Improves Streaming Experience and Achieves Omnichannel Growth with HeadSpin

Globo, the leading media company in Latin America, have found a one-stop shop solution in HeadSpin in functional performance testing and addressing their automated audio and video testing requirements of their popular streaming application GloboPlay. With HeadSpin, the GloboPlay team is able to test the user experience on Smart TVs across global locations.

Globo and HeadSpin have entered into a partnership which champions their joint test automation solution and is a key alliance for the media industry. The alliance will enable Globo to grow as a media tech powerhouse and HeadSpin to reach Globo’s penetration in the Brazilian market. Learn more about the partnership.

About Globo

Globo is the leading broadcast television network and pay-TV programmer in Latin America, reaching more than 120 million Brazilians everyday, and is also a diversified group of music content companies. Globo’s mobile media streaming app platform GloboPlay is known for Portuguese-language content and frequently dominates the media space on a global basis.