How HeadSpin Helped Telstra Provide Their Customers With World Class Mobile Experiences

Telstra is Australia’s leading telecommunications and information services company. The company provides services to individual, enterprise, and government customers across 20 countries — including service to over 17.4 million mobile subscriptions.

2017 Revenue: 28.2 billion

Number of Employees: 36,165

Mobile subscriptions: 17.4 million

The Challenge

Customers rely on Telstra’s network to access popular high-bandwidth apps and OTT media. In order to provide good customer experiences, Telstra needs to be able to measure the performance of these apps (e.g. time to play Netflix video) in real-world conditions, on real devices. Historically, real-world app performance has been difficult to measure.

The Solution

Telstra used HeadSpin to monitor real-world performance of mobile apps — measured using real devices running on real networks. These insights allowed Telstra to easily identify potential issues, investigate them, and quickly take action to improve their network — positioning the company for continued leadership in their region.

How We Do It HeadSpin devices are deployed in six locations throughout Australia to perform OTT app testing using widely popular apps. Tests are conducted on LTE networks using real Apple, Samsung and Google Pixel devices.

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