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HeadSpin customers have seen the following outcomes


Fewer hours spent on QA  for new releases


Reduction in number of production issues


Faster development cycles


Faster in-app load times

Empower Devops & QA teams with test automation and data science insights

Run thousands of tests parallelly at scale without worrying about device availability with our reliable global device infrastructure.
Leverage a reliable global device infrastructure

HeadSpin’s data science platform is the enterprise solution for proactively perfecting user experiences

Devices and Browsers supported by the HeadSpin Platform

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Global Device Infrastructure

Perform end-to-end testing & monitoring with real devices on real carrier and WiFi networks across the globe. Run geolocation tests on your mobile apps and websites. Evaluate the actual user experience across global locations without compromising on security and performance through HeadSpin’s single-tenant deployment model.

Powering Test Execution with 60+ Integrations

HeadSpin Integrations

Award-winning Platform trusted by Enterprises


Enterprise Solution Catering to
Testing Needs Across All Industries

5G ultra band edge validation

360-degree view and Edge evaluation to ensure flawless application, device and network performance.

Validation of 5G compatible pre-release devices

Ensuring comprehensive evaluation of pre-release device models using on-prem setup without any security concerns.

Monitor roaming performance client experience - inbound & outbound

Run roaming performance tests on real SIM-enabled devices in multiple locations worldwide under real-world conditions.

Continuous QoE / QoS assessment framework - RF metrics & more

Measure holistic, subjective quality with insights backed by expert system machine learning models.
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QoE & streaming

Run tests on video and OTT applications and review DRM-protected content.Test voice activation and speaker-based use cases.

Record tests on TV

Use the smart TV remote control app to execute commands on the setup box via the HeadSpin UI.

Video & audio analysis

Play back media tests and analyze them with advanced video & audio analysis capabilities, including AI-based issue cards.
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True Gaming Experience Monitoring

Accurately identify true gameplay malfunctions without requiring a reference video or relying on ambiguous metrics such as jerkiness and blockiness.

Root Cause Analysis

Built-in AI to highlight the root of issues, including on the backend, device, OS, or network level.

FPS Analysis

Track the frame rate of live or recorded content, locate when and where a drop occurred, and quickly determine how to address the issue.

Code-level Performance Monitoring

Automatically profile and baseline every build of your app to identify regressions. Examine the call stack or CPU time to identify slow methods and SDK bloat.
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Security compliance assurance with on-premises appliances

Secure enclosure for dedicated test devices with an electronic lock and associated access audit log for enterprise-grade data privacy and security.

Voice and accessibility testing automation

Complete integration of voice and audio use cases to stay on track with accelerated release schedules and ensure customer satisfaction.

Location-specific testing

Test against numerous location-specific factors—from the local carrier network signal to edge effects from CDNs, 3rd party APIs or cloud calls.

No SDK or third-party vendor required

Execute tests without any proprietary SDK installation or other modifications to the app code to get the in-depth performance visibility you need.
HeadSpin for Banking

Infotainment Testing Solution

Data science platform with the SDK solution embedded into the vehicle infotainment system to get real-time user data for End User Experience Monitoring.

Blue Finger:

Innovative automation enabler to increase coverage that activates a predetermined location on the touch screen electromagnetically with a smart actuator and Test Bench software (Windows).

Phone as a Key (PaaK)

Latency calculations, historical information about performance, automatic calculation of the Bluetooth connection drop and performance matrix, and more.
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Anonymized Peer Benchmarking

Collect detailed competitor analysis to compare your retail app’s performance with competitors with respect to various KPIs & CUJs.

End-to-End Monitoring & Testing

Monitor and perform testing scenarios involving third-party services/applications like payment and inventory to replicate real-world conditions.

Online Identity Verification

Enable the capability to run and automate retail app features, like biometrics, single sign-on, one-time password, two-factor authentication, etc.

API Usage Monitoring

Track the API usage of your retail app and monitor the impact of third-party APIs on your application’s performance.
HeadSpin for Retail Industry

Our Customer Success Stories

Citi Ventures Logo
Conducted 24,000 tests on both desktop browsers and mobile devices
Citi Ventures Testimonial
HeadSpin is a trusted QA technology partner for my web engineering group at Citi Ventures Studio.
HeadSpin’s Browser Testing and Functional Testing Capabilities Help Power Key Citi Ventures Applications: Worthi by Citi and City Builder
Director, Head of Engineering, Citi Ventures Studio
Pinterest Logo
60% faster in-app load times and solved regressions in 21 hours vs multiple days historically
Pinterest Testimonial
With HeadSpin Nimble we detected ~30 slowdown regressions over the course of six months.
This peace of mind from preventing regressions gives us the space and time to focus on what matters most to us–delivering an amazing experience to Pinners around the world.
Pinterest Performance Team
Pinterest Performance Team
VMLYR logo
HeadSpin provides VMLY&R the ability to test and analyze their clients’ mobile app performances on real devices across select locations.
Citi Ventures Testimonial
Having a tool that allows us to quickly share access to a physical device, not a simulator or emulator,
and allow anybody from QA to a designer or a developer to check out was very important to us.
Director of Mobile Apps and Emerging Technology, VMLY&R

Benefits of Headspin Enterprise Edition

With our add-on Enterprise products:
User Experience
Competitive performance
Easier digital transformation

Perfecting digital experiences for end users with HeadSpin's data science insights