Frequently Asked Questions

HeadSpin fully supports native Appium and Selenium, as well as most other major automation testing frameworks (e.g., Espresso, XCUITests, XCTests, UI Automator, EarlGrey, FitNesse, JUnit, TestNG, Experitest, KIF, Calabash) via our secure bridging technology.

Yes, all our features work on both iOS and Android. This includes HeadSpin Remote Control, Performance Sessions, and HeadSpin Performance Monitoring.

We offer zero day (and in many cases, zero hour) support for new versions.

Network traffic, client-side performance stats, and video are captured from a device during a performance test and these inputs are fed into HeadSpin’s AI-based issue detection engine. This generates a Performance Session report that identifies bottlenecks and issues during the test session.

Yes, HeadSpin tracks user experience and performance metrics on real devices running your app and use an AI-based Issue detection engine to identify root cause. 

HeadSpin supports real user emulation and can be used to test real load scenarios using multiple concurrent user sessions.

By running HTTP or WebSocket requests against a customer's server backend (conceptually equivalent to multiple virtual agents emulating multiple users that send requests to a back end to induce load), we can assess how fast the server fulfills requests with responses.

A: Yes, through our sister company, Nimbledroid, you can run tests and/or performance sessions on each new build. Every feature of HS can be automated via our API. Tests results and performance data are stored in a reporting database and put into dashboards.


Yes, we support apps built with React Native. As long as your app can be installed on an Android or iOS device, it can be tested on HeadSpin.

We support parallel test sessions and you can execute sessions concurrently.

No, rooting or jailbreaking gives you elevated system privileges on a device and is something an ordinary user would never do, that's why we don't do it because we want it to be one-to-one with how a real user would use a device.

Yes, we support Jenkins Integration as well as Slack integration.

Our AI-based issue detection system is presented to you in a dashboard that provides everything from network to client and client-server data. 

Yes, beyond phones we also support iOS and Android tablets, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and iOS-based wearables.

Additional device support can be explored through HeadSpin professional services.

We are able to integrate with a wide variety of alerting tools and platforms including JIRA, Pager Duty, Service Now, Slack, Email, and SMS.


Yes, we support high fidelity testing of audio and video files (60 fps).

Learn more about our quality of experience metrics for audio and video including our patent-pending reference-free video MOS.


Yes, we have RestAPIs for all platform features and device operations, with extensive documentation to assist in doing so.


WiFi and LTE Router. DC -> DC Voltage

We currently offer web automation on mobile and desktop across all major browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

We fully support Android and iOS automation through Appium in addition to the respective native frameworks such as UI Automator 2, Espresso, and XCUITest. We are also contributors to the Appium open source project. 

We fully support Apple TV and Apple TV 4K automation.

We offer a full cadre of browser and cross browser automation testing, across all mobile devices and desktops.

Yes, we have a point of presence on thousands of devices in more than 70 countries.

Yes, we allow for payment options to be configured on the given devices.

We allow testing to be conducted per your use case, so therefore you will be able to run sessions for the full duration of your tests.

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