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Introducing HAPI: the HeadSpin App Performance Index

Do you want to get rid of the spinner wheel once and for all? Read our in-depth report for exclusive insights on optimizing iOS and Android apps, and learn how we analyzed and ranked the leading apps for contactless shopping, restaurant ordering, and food delivery in COVID-19 impacted cities in the US. 

HAPI for mobile apps

Three Different Reports to Give You Deep Insights

Peer Comparisons

Is your app or web experience the best it can be? Are you optimized for the local carrier network when you launch in a new market? Our Peer Comparison analyses can help you answer these questions and many more. Find out if you are lagging behind or ahead of the curve for crucial KPIs. Learn more »

Performance Insights

Performance Insights

Drill down into critical user journeys to understand the core issues impacting your app’s performance. Performance Insights are powered by our proprietary AI that uses state-of-the-art computer vision technology to quantify, diagnose, and prioritize issues, and automatically recommend fixes. Learn more »

Pulse Live

How has the COVID-19 surge affected your services? Keep an eye on how you’re faring relative to your industry peers with our live monitoring dashboards. Measure app and network KPIs on real devices and real networks around the world, and get crucial insight into health and performance. 

Performance Spotlight on Bumble

Dating Apps


Products Used:
HeadSpin Performance Session


HeadSpin’s AI engine sifts through the network traffic, client-side metrics, and videos of the test execution to find areas of poor user experience and performance bottlenecks for Bumble.

The launch time for this app was 6.96 seconds

There are multiple calls to load 3rd party SDKs that could be the cause of the slow down in launch time. In particular, the connection to AppsFlyer took 11.34 seconds to complete. Consider taking a deeper look at how these SDKs are being loaded. See the full report >>

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