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Introducing the HeadSpin App Performance Index (HAPI)

Do you want to get rid of the spinner wheel once and for all? Read our in-depth HeadSpin App Performance Index report for exclusive insights on analyzing and optimizing iOS and Android apps, and learn how we ranked the leading contactless shopping apps for COVID-19 impacted cities in the US.

HeadSpin App Performance Index (HAPI)

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HeadSpin is the World's Leading Digital Experience Intelligence Platform™

Connected Experiences

HeadSpin provides Mobile, IoT, and 5G solutions to optimize connected experiences across applications, devices, and networks.

Scalable Device Infrastructure

Infrastructure consists of thousands of SIM enabled devices in 100+ locations in 70+ countries on real carrier and WiFi networks. We support every type of iOS and Android device including phones, tablets, wearables and TVs.

Real Time Monitoring

HeadSpin allows developers to test and monitor their apps in real time, on real devices and in real world conditions before, during and after an app is released.

No SDK Required

All performance data is monitored and captured through an API with no code change or SDK needed.

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HeadSpin provided access to Kenya and China to let us iterate and improve the quality of service much faster than previously possible and when we tried in India for routing changes on a few different carriers, only 1 carrier behaved as expected.

Josh Staples, Solutions Architect, Twilio

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