Performance Insights

Want to deliver your best user experience yet? Optimize your critical user journeys with AI-powered analyses and best-in-class performance metrics generated on real SIM-enabled devices in over a hundred locations. 

HeadSpin Performance Insights

Key Metrics

 Deliver superior content and streaming experiences to your customers with a custom Performance Insights Intelligence Report from HeadSpin. 
Select from the list below or add any other KPIs you care about.

Device Resources Utilization by App

  • Overall CPU Usage
  • Battery Energy Drain
  • Client Server Latency per request
  • Request Failure Rate 
  • Memory Usage

App Responsiveness

  • App Load Time
  • Network Calls made during App Load Time
  • Delays during In-App Experiences
  • Page Content Time Series
  • App Event Tracking

Streaming Performance

  • Video Frame Drops
  • Player Load Time
  • Total Buffering Time
  • Duration of buffering per instance
  • Perceptual Video Quality

What’s in our Performance Insights

In this report, you’ll get access to exclusive mobile and web performance insights including infrastructure deployment issues, poor performance, or API errors. Your report will include: 

  • End-to-end views of your user flow
  • Analysis on metrics to spot patterns 
  • AI-powered recommendations to optimize user experience
  • Automatic prioritization of core issues

Benefits of our Performance Insights



critical user flows for your app and pinpoint performance and UX issues across multiple devices and real carrier networks


new features and/or new markets with confidence


the finest version of your app, driving revenue and engagement for new and existing users


new users and accelerate consumer services, forging user trust and safety with optimized performance


"HeadSpin created a new solution category that is now the standard for how the best consumer and enterprise G2000 companies ensure top-notch connected experiences for their users and customers."
Bryan Li
Director of Engineering at LinkedIn