HeadSpin Proposes Speed Optimizations as Extreme Fun for Trial Xtreme 4


Overview and Methodology For Our Analysis




iPhone 8 Plus / AT&T / Palo Alto

Products Used:

HeadSpin Connected Intelligence Platform


  • Tackle Slow TLS
  • Check HTTP Errors
  • Optimize connection reuse
  • HeadSpin analyzed the latest version of the Trial Xtreme 4 iOS app on a real iPhone 8 Plus in Palo Alto, on the AT&T network.
  • NO SDK, code change or instrumentation was needed to run the remote performance sessions.
  • HeadSpin’s AI engine sifted through network traffic, client-side metrics, and videos of the test execution to find areas of poor user experience and performance bottlenecks.
  • Recommendations were provided for every issue that was surfaced.

User Reviews

HeadSpin looked at Trial Xtreme 4 reviews in the App Store and found some users struggling with functional issues and technical errors.

Trial Xtreme 4 ratings is currently 4.3/5 on the App Store.


Insights and Recommendations

HeadSpin’s proprietary AI technology analyzes and prioritizes the core issues impacting critical user journeys. Using computer vision techniques to quantify blank screens, time to interact, loading time, loading or buffering animations, and content quality, our AI models can automatically diagnose server-side issues whether they arise from infrastructure deployment issues, poor performance, or API errors. For a custom analysis of your app, request a Performance Insight report from HeadSpin. 

HeadSpin Performance Session (link)


Top KPIs

Launch Time   4037 ms  
   Game Load Time3326 ms
   Battery Drain in 6m 27s  1.9%

Top Issues

HTTP Errors – 17 errors made in session

Connection Reuse – 17 hosts making excessive connections

Slow TLS – 30 hosts with slow TLS handshakes

HTTP Errors

There were 17 total HTTP errors during the session, 16 of which were caused by POST calls to iCloud.
HEADSPIN RECOMMENDATION: Check your app to make sure you’re not making any unnecessary requests.

Connection Reuse

There were 17 different hosts in the session that created new connections instead of reusing older ones. 7 instances of the issue originated from the call to the iCloud account while 6 were caused by DoubleClick. An additional 6 were noticed on the api.gameanlytics host as well.

HEADSPIN RECOMMENDATION: Check your Keep Alive settings — if the keep alive timeout is set too low your app will incur unnecessary overhead that will significantly affect both your app’s and your backend’s performance, especially when numerous requests are being made.

Slow TLS

There were 30 instances of hosts that saw TLS handshakes longer than 300 ms. The TLS handshakes that had the highest impact time were made to, an API from, and The TLS handshake for and had impact times over 1 second.
HEADSPIN RECOMMENDATION: Some of these TLS handshakes can be avoided by addressing the connection reuse issue above, as adjusting your keep-alive settings will remove the need to establish a new connection every time. If possible, try to reduce the number of TLS handshakes made to slower hosts.

How to Work With HeadSpin

HeadSpin Powers Flawless Mobile App Performance

HeadSpin’s state-of-the-art Digital Experience Intelligence Platform™ will empower your engineering teams to:

  • Execute automation tests on real carrier-enabled devices worldwide
  • Discover performance bottlenecks
  • Collect and visualize your performance data
  • Seamlessly integrate with your CI/CD workflow
  • Monitor every critical user flow of your mobile experience
  • Pinpoint issues that cause performance regressions and impact user experience earlier in your development cycle
Overarching Areas of Opportunities

  • Launch new features confidently by monitoring and analyzing root causes of performance issues throughout the development life cycle
  • Drive new user installs and user engagement with optimized performance
  • Forge user trust and safety, accelerating consumer services for critical user paths across your apps and website
  • Benchmark KPIs for mobile performance to understand how your user experience for your mobile app and website compares to your peers in the same industry
  • Support localized testing across thousands of devices and 70+ countries around the world, on real devices under real-world conditions
Expert Holistic Consultation and Strategy 

HeadSpin has the product and solutions expertise to help you perfect the digital experience for your customers! Our team hails from digital pioneers, such as Google and Facebook, and has already delivered enhanced mobile-centric experiences for a diverse set of Fortune 1000 clients. HeadSpin’s strategic insights can help you:

  • Drive new user acquisition, user engagement, and feature adoption
  • Deploy app security measures on iOS and Android
  • Build consistent performance standards and experiences across all your mobile apps and websites 

... insight from HeadSpin helps us prioritize issues so we could deliver a better user experience.

Maria Zhang, CTO, Tinder