AnyWear Mobility Unit

Today’s users are always on the move, and our first-of-its-kind solution tests, monitors, and analyzes apps, devices, and networks the way they’re experienced—on the go!

Real Devices, Real-world Conditions

Real devices on real networks - including wireless carriers and WIFI networks - to test, monitor, and analyze apps, devices, and networks in real-world conditions


Optimize User Experience

Correlate performance with precise GPS coordinates to deliver flawless user experiences anywhere in the world, on any network, running on any device


Drive and Walk Tests

Perfect for drive and walk tests, or any other use case where portability is needed, to proactively test and monitor performance and functionality anywhere in the world

NEW!  Compare your mobile app to the top apps in your industry 

HeadSpin is a very simple way for you to get extremely sophisticated insights and recommendations on how to improve the performance and reliability of an app.

Gareth Ouellette, Senior Director, Project Management, Akamai
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