Your digital experience compass for maximizing performance and agility

Delivering flawless digital experiences has many hurdles

Digital native product and service providers are challenged to build and maintain applications that can meet the expectations of their global user base. They frequently struggle to: 

  • Determine the root causes of issues that degrade end user experience


  • Get the in-depth data they need without resorting to different levels of instrumentation


  • Test apps on local real devices – no simulators and emulators needed

Mobile developers need a tool that can deliver the velocity and scale required for success in today’s digital economy. 

Introducing HeadSpin Compass

HeadSpin CompassTM lets you test, monitor, and analyze your mobile user experience across web and apps on real devices around the world. It is uniquely differentiated in terms of its rich app, device, and network performance data for root cause analysis. Assure optimal digital experiences with in-depth performance visibility, extensive key performance indicators (KPIs), and ML-based insights and recommendations. 

Global Device Infrastructure

Test and monitor apps where your users are with real local devices (not emulators), deployed in 17 locations worldwide. No SDK, jailbreaking, code instrumentation, or local team support required.

Manual and automated testing

Optimize both performance and usability. Most tools make you choose one or the other—HeadSpin Compass lets you do both. Secure, stable APIs support remote control bridging technology and all testing frameworks (incl. native Appium).

Machine Learning Insights

Get complete visibility with ML-based insights and recommendations, and continuously monitor and analyze the key performance indicators (KPIs) that matter to you.

AI Engine

Get AI-powered insights and alerts that are easily actionable—ensuring that captured data and intelligence translates into business success.

Built for Team Collaboration

Work more collaboratively and get more done no matter where your teams are located.

Benefits of Using HeadSpin Compass

QA/release engineers, developers, product managers, SREs, and support professionals can collaborate seamlessly to:


Perfect the digital experience

for your apps with actionable insight into performance, stability, and usability


Easily identify potential issues

by measuring KPIs such as time to interact, loading time, low page content, blank screens, etc.


Take timely action

based on the recommended insights to quickly improve the user experience

HeadSpin Customers have seen the following outcomes:


Fewer hours spent on QA for new releases


Reduction in number of production issues


Faster development cycles


Faster in-app load times

“HeadSpin insights allow us to easily identify potential issues, investigate them, and quickly take action to improve our network — positioning us for continued leadership in our region.”

David Rowe, Product Performance Team Manager

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