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Tinder KPI Monitoring
Image from iOS
Variety of app load time data

Fine-grain monitoring

View KPIs by location, devices, OS and carrier networks

UX degradation alerts

Be alerted immediately when any irregularity (e.g. end point is down, a transaction is broken, performance is slow) has been detected in the network

Custom KPI tracking

Track network impact on important UX KPIs like download time, time to stream music, time to upload video and more

KPI tracking over time

Monitor on any time scale (day-over-day, week, month, etc.) across multiple locations, app versions, OS, networks, devices and more

App and KPI benchmarks

Benchmark the performance of your UX KPIs against industry competitors or best-in-class mobile apps

Fix any bugs impacting KPIs


UX issue predictions

HeadSpin continuously analyzes all the collected KPIs to alert you to high priority fixes and offer predictions on what might break next

Detailed debug logs

Troubleshoot using root cause recommendations on why your app UX KPIs are degrading

Integration with PagerDuty, JIRA, ServiceNow and more

Seamlessly integrate existing devops or CI/CD tools


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