Measure OTT, audio and video QoE in fine grain detail




QoE across a variety of use cases

Understand QoE for television (live streaming, VOD, audio), messaging and voice calling


Comprehensive video metrics

Discover blur, blockiness, frame skips, freezes and more. Get frame-by- frame scores based on motion, image quality, fidelity and loss


A/V streaming scores

Account for varying dimensions and speeds of mobile video and audio streaming. Capture runtime bitrate changes, dynamic video models, stalls and FPS


Real-time audio playback and microphone quality

Test audio quality for speech-enabled apps and audio streaming


Codec compatibility

Works with all codecs, correlated with GPS logging and signal strength characteristics


Automated quality scores

Get automated assessment of speech and video quality as experienced by a user, without actual user input


WebRTC support

HeadSpin supports WebRTC protocols. Easily access and test bi-directional audio on remote devices through a web browser in real-time


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