Discover client-side issues that impact mobile app performance


Analyze app performance

Measure how long your user flows take to run and catch regressions as soon as problem code is introduced.

Measure network, memory and disk usage

See how your app is using system resources for each scenario that we profile.

Create and auto-discover user flows

Create custom user flows with as many steps as needed to profile actions. HeadSpin also automatically identifies, profiles and analyzes user flows.

Pinpoint slowdown root causes with method call stacks

In addition to spotting and measuring slowdowns, examine the call stack of slow methods to determine the root cause. Find out what’s adding to your method count.

Get alerts for slowness, memory leaks, and crashes

Get automated crash-detection for all profiled scenarios before and after release. Root cause is provided so dangerous leaks never make it to production.

Add to Continuous Integration

Monitor every build of your app with our CI server integration.


State of Mobile App Performance report by Akamai

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Find root cause for client-server performance issues 


Reproducible environment for bugs
Stop guessing! Reproduce your issues instantly and repeatedly using session video that correlates to user session traffic. We don’t have issues with sampling.


Fine-grained diagnostics

Manage performance across geographics, app versions and operating systems. Understand impact of SDKs, APIs and CDNs on app performance.

Measure carrier network impact on app performance

See how your app is performing under different network conditions around the world.

Bug fix prioritization

Identify the highest priority performance issues from billions of logs for you to focus on.

Traffic content views

See if your app is receiving any unexpected content like images, JSON requests, etc.

Request and response time impact

Monitor how your app spends time sending and receiving HTTP or HTTPS requests and responses.

Waterfall or burst UI views

View the sums and averages of different network data captured during a user session, like average wait time, traffic, download speed, requests throughput, etc.



Identify, prioritize and visualize performance fixes with 
AI-powered issue detection 

Alerts:  Be alerted to performance and UX  issues before and when they happen

Visibility: Find root cause of your issues with fine-grained diagnostics across the entire mobile stack

Prioritize: Automatically organize performance issues from largest to smallest time impact

Recommendations: Automatically identify issues in the data and video that are contributing to poor user experience

Visualize: View session issues via an interactive waterfall or burst user interface 



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