Accelerate and optimize
5G deployment

HeadSpin helps telcos launch and scale 5G fast. Ensure successful deployment of infrastructure, devices, and applications – for any location.

5G readiness everywhere

With HeadSpin, providers finally can understand and improve network performance, from the ground-up— before, during, and after deployment. The key: One platform for testing, monitoring, and analytics.


Flawless digital experiences

Delivering top-quality connected experiences is crucial— and tougher than ever. HeadSpin’s quick-view scorecard and analytics help you deliver the performance 5G users demand. For mobile, Web and IoT.


Analytics for OTT

Telcos need to know how OTT applications perform in the real world. HeadSpin helps you test, monitor, analyze and optimize OTT user experience. Any device, anywhere.

With HeadSpin, we don't have to use network measures as a proxy for customer experience. Now we get data and insights into real customer experience.

David Rowe, Product Performance Team Manager, Telstra
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Accelerate development and innovation. Optimize performance and functionality. Ensure business success. Across all applications, devices, and networks. That’s Connected Intelligence.™