Real-time ad testing around the world

With 22,000+ devices positioned in 150+ locations around the world, HeadSpin gives advertising teams the visibility and testing function they need to ensure that appropriate in-app ad content is delivered to specific regions and displayed properly on different devices — all in real-time. Improve ad user experience. Improve click through rates and lift conversion by 30% by monitoring and refining ad performance according to actual user experiences — not just simulations  or inside of a testing framework.                                 

Quickly find and reproduce problems within your advertising network

HeadSpin offers specific visibility into issues, from server to network to application. Ad teams have the ability to reproduce bugs, understand issues quickly and in detail, and make fixes as directed as possible. The result? A better user experience for better ads conversion and engagement.   


“HeadSpin gives you the ability to test your user experience on any device and in any country that you choose — be it Android or iOS — as if you were in that country holding that device.” 

- Richard Muncaster, Head of Advertising Product, Tinder

Understand advertising tech impact on user experience

HeadSpin allows you to see detailed issues not just in your own code but in every layer of third party services you use to deliver and manage ad content. Catch user experience issues caused by complex third-party services like advertising SDKs or APIs. Replicate errors and fix bugs quickly.


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