Banking & Financial Services

Optimize digital services on any device or desktop running on any network anywhere in the world.

Winning in the Digital Economy

The COVID-19 crisis has led to an acceleration in digital transformation across most industries, and the financial services market is no exception. With dozens of new and agile players offering secure, convenient, and contactless mobile banking, the pressure is on to innovate or be left in the dust. Technologies central to digital banking success include AI, cloud, and voice-enabled solutions, supported by intelligent chatbots, big data analytics, and robotic process automation.

Numerous technical factors drive the digital user experience. From device resources (memory, battery, CPU), and security concerns, to network latency, edge/CDN, API calls, and compatibility across a diversity of carriers, OSes and devices, it is increasingly challenging to deliver a consistent, reliable, and secure online banking experience to a global customer base.



Digital Experiences

Measuring banking and financial services experiences across real user conditions— real devices, carrier networks, locations, and localized content.

Test Coverage & Execution

Automating accessibility testing (send voice commands, audio listening, multi-touch gestures, etc.) and performing biometric testing without app instrumentation.

Device Support & Interoperability

Verifying user banking experiences on multiple device types globally and ensuring device/carrier/OS compatibility. 

Performance Visibility

Relying on point solutions for quality assurance (functional, performance, monitoring). Unable to capture in-depth performance data.

Proprietary Frameworks

Locked into a vendor-proprietary framework with limited ability to utilize existing test scripts without investing considerable time and effort.

HeadSpin Use Cases

HeadSpin’s Digital Experience AI Platform gives you the state-of-the-art device infrastructure, test automation, insights and analytics you need to deliver your best digital banking experience ever.

User Experience

Innovate to win in the digital economy. Proactively test and monitor business critical applications and deliver a flawless customer experience.

Performance Optimization

Get in-depth performance data across apps, networks, and devices without installing any SDKs. Address root causes of crashes, errors and slowdowns.

Test Automation

Create, execute and automate tests on real devices with extensive framework and API support. Integrate with a diversity of CI/CD workflows.

Regional Testing

Test your apps where your users are with HeadSpin’s 100+ global device cloud locations.

Regulatory Compliance

Support regulated apps and ensure compliance with a secure on-prem appliance option.

Voice & Accessibility

Automate voice and accessibility testing with audio match analysis APIs.

Digital Payments

Test and monitor digital payments and services, including contactless payments, P2P transfers, and remittance services.

Authentication Testing

Mitigate fraud with detailed authentication testing (biometrics, OTP, 2FA).

Cloud Migration

Measure, baseline and compare performance before and after a cloud migration.

Interoperability Testing

Enable a digitally connected ecosystem with interoperability testing. Ensure compatibility across a diversity of carriers, OSes and devices.

Security Testing

Identify unencrypted traffic to catalog security vulnerabilities. 

HeadSpin Impact

mobile banking success

Secure, enhanced test coverage and faster test execution

mobile banking happy customers

Greater customer satisfaction with issues identified pre-launch

seamless banking transactions

Seamless authentication & customer transactions

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