Remote manual and automated testing on 1,000s of real devices connected
to carrier networks in 100s of locations worldwide.

Pre-release testing in real user conditions
Don’t rely on simulations. Conduct your tests on real networks using actual customer devices on our Global Device Cloud

Remote device control and debugging
Remotely access and debug your app on real devices from your desktop or phones without SDK or local team support

Choose most popular devices in 100s of locations
Select from a wide range of mobile and tablet devices including iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Xiaomi, Pixel, etc.

100% Uptime
Conduct reliable test sessions on iOS devices without any virtual machines.

Run multiple tests in parallel
Test on as many concurrent iOS or Android devices as you want without any slowdown.

Schedule your tests
Enable multiple tests to be run at the same time. Automated and manual tests can run simultaneously.

Work smarter with automation
Integration with 30+ automated testing frameworks Calabash, Appium, Selenium, EarlGrey, FitNesse, UI Automator, JUnit, TestNG, Experitest, KIF, native XCtests and Espresso.

Automation API access with audio/video capture and injection Measure and understand your audio and video quality at scale.

Professional services support
We can help you with scripting, dashboard creation, performance tests, weekly reports and more.

Perform cross-browser compatibility testing on real devices and browsers

Test responsiveness on real devices across all screen sizes
Test for responsiveness of your application across different screen sizes and see how your website responds accordingly

Test for localization, context and cultural correctness
Test for cultural and e-commerce nuances, payment processes, location information, copy and content, new international features, translations, and more.

Regression, load, unit and functional testing
Support all your testing needs with one platform.

Real-time audio playback and microphone quality
Test audio quality around the world for speech-enabled apps and audio streaming.

Voice calls and text messaging
Understand the quality of your voice and messaging features.

Beta OS images
Test on various beta versions of operating systems before the OS goes live.

Continuously test on 2,500+ operating systems and mobile browser combinations at your fingertips
We have zero day availability with new beta and browser versions so you can ensure your app works as designed instantly upon release.

Real-time interactive browser compatibility testing
Record testing session or take screenshots during your real time browser compatibility testing sessions on the go

Test responsiveness on real devices across all screen sizes
Test for responsiveness of your application across different screen sizes and see how your website responds accordingly

Run automation tests on a scalable, secure, and reliable environment
Perform automated cross browser testing across thousands of browsers and ensure that your users get perfect experience across all browsers, browser versions and operating systems

Automate your Selenium tests
Automate your tests with Selenium in our cloud to increase coverage improve quality and shorten test times to speed releases

Global Device Cloud - Any application running on any device, anywhere in the world
1,000s of real devices
Get seamless access to remote devices with real SIM cards around the world through our secure cloud. Choose from our wide range of iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices, including a wide range of screen sizes and operating systems.
100s of locations

Test real user experience anywhere in the world with any combination of operating system, devices, and network. Add new locations instantly.

Flexible distributed system
HeadSpin’s proprietary hardware enables you to immediately and securely scale up your remote testing efforts. Developers can securely connect with their remote devices and monitor non-noise interfered data through our proprietary RF compliant hardware and custom USB hub. Our hardware can be added to new locations beyond our 150 countries on request.
100% uptime
With USB over IP technology, you don’t have to worry about device burn outs or drops.  HeadSpin’s distributed solution delivers 24/7 coverage and 100% uptime. Industry-first API accessible USB hub that monitors the state of the devices automatically (patented). Uptime and monitoring is automated—detects power and connectivity automatically with no manual intervention (which damages the continuity of the testing). No device burn out or cook out; devices last years and years because the power is managed over USB.
Bug Reproducibility - Find, reproduce, and fix bugs instantly
Bug reproducibility
Reproduce the highest priority issues and resolve these bugs wherever they might be across the client-server communications. No more billions of logs! HeadSpin offers behind-the-scenes visibility into your performance issues—from server, CDN, network, application to device—against your test flows so that you can quickly resolve the most important bugs. Save time by not having to reproduce the user experience and performance issues over and over again.
Regression, load and functional testing support
Drive, regression, unit, functional, performance, browser testing - all done in real world conditions through one platform. We have you covered. All types of testing are supported with HeadSpin on one single platform. ---- Support all your testing needs with one platform.
Natural gestures and interactions
Interact with your mobile app on the remote device, just as you would with a real device in hand. Tap, scroll, zoom, swipe and more.
Real-time test viewing
View our tests as they run and logs as they run.
Cross desktop and browser testing
Platform works on
Local testing
Test your app in development environments. Our local testing feature allows you to test your apps on your development and staging environment. All the server calls that your mobile application makes over development/staging network, will work out of the box! No set up required.
Smart app management
Never upload the same build twice. Simply select from builds uploaded by you or your team and start testing right away. All versions in one machine No need to check device compatibilityWe automatically identify the devices with OS version supported by your mobile application.
Testing Scheduler
Enables multiple test to be run at the same time and not conflict. Automated tests can run while manual tests are running without conflict. Reserve times in advance to use devices for manual or automated test.
(aka “reservation system”)
Avoid uncoordinated tests that mess eachother up. Seamlessly works with an integration server.
Audio and video
Real-time audio playback and voice support/Audio and voice remote control
Check and measure audio quality around the world for speech enabled apps and audio streaming. Preview apps and monitor audio experience in real-time.
Audio and video quality scores reporting
Get automated assessment of speech quality as experienced by a user of a voice enabled app. This assessment accounts for the varying dimensions and speeds of mobile video and audio streaming. ----- No more scoring based on user feedback. Get reliable and real world audio and quality metrics that take into account real world conditions
WebRTC support

HeadSpin supports WebRTC ("Web Real-Time Communication") protocols. Easily access and test bi-directional audio on remote devices through a web browser in real-time.

Use our service plugins and API to automatically get results from your environments
Issue tracking systems integrations
Integrate with your issue tracking service (JIRA, ServiceNow etc). Receive and seamlessly act on user experience issue alerts
CI and DevOps workflow integration
Seamlessly integrate with your continuous integration and deployment environments (e.g. Jenkins, Travis CI).
BI integration
Easily integrates with your business intelligence tools and dashboards. All data is exported via API and sql tables. Actively monitor your user experience and performance data through your business intelligence dashboards
Automated test integration
Captures data from all tests across all frameworks so you have a single dashboard of all your test results.
IDE integration
Offers full developer tool integrations and works with mobile chrome and Safari debugging. Bridge your remote devices to your local hosts so you can use your local developer tools on all remote devices.
Device management and configuration APIst
Integrate with your internal dashboards / monitoring scripts and integration server.
Automation API and support
Automate tests to maintain application consistency around the world. Kick start your automated testing process with our expert support.

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