Case Study:

British American Tobacco selected HeadSpin to set up an independent Quality function, having ownership of global application estate

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Case Study:

VFCorp selected HeadSpin as their Digital Localization Assurance partner for all the B2B applications, across the globe

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Case Study:

HeadSpin has allowed Tinder to be more conscious of international users when releasing new products or features.

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Localize your features for context and cultural correctness

HeadSpin helps customers run complete localization testing of their products. Test for cultural nuances, payment processes, location information, eCommerce nuances, copy and content, and more.

Create a more consistent international user experience

HeadSpin allows localization teams to be more conscious of international users when releasing new products or features. With 22,000 devices connected to networks in 150 global locations, quickly and easily check out new functionality around the globe — right from your web browser. Test new international features or translations in your largest markets with sessions that reflect actual user experiences. See how a new feature looks in Brazil or verify that the right ads are showing up in the UK.


Tinder avg hours spent per string

“With HeadSpin, we’re seeing far fewer broken transactions and post-production fixes that need to happen. We no longer need to rush hotfixes out for broken translations — a process that no localization team enjoys doing.” 

- AJ Cihla, Head of Localization, Tinder 

Use manual and automated localization tests

HeadSpin has local, multi-disciplinary resources with cultural knowledge to ensure successful translation of your content and to validate localized speech translations around the world.

Track down localization bugs that find their way into production

Ensure that broken translations don’t continue to hamper user experience once identified. HeadSpin provides detailed insight into root cause of specific localization issues, so teams can improve the speed at which they debug translations or new features. Identify which features and strings are broken in a new build of an app. Whether an issue arises because text is too big, a layout doesn’t work properly, or a translation lacks context, HeadSpin automatically identifies potential problems and makes them easy for an engineer to reproduce.

Focus on strategy not just copy translation and asset localization

HeadSpin helps localization teams move beyond just copy translation and asset localization, letting them focus on bigger user experience flaws that exist across markets. HeadSpin gives teams a new level of visibility by delivering app performance data next to recordings of corresponding user experience issues. This level of visibility allows teams to better understand, communicate and align to address the biggest opportunities and/or challenges affecting user experience.

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