Mobile Monitoring

Continuously monitor your app’s user experience. Proactively pinpoint performance and UX issues across multiple devices and real carrier networks.

Fine-grain monitoring

View KPIs by location, devices, OS and carrier networks to understand impact of SDKs, APIs, and CDNs on app performance


UX degradation alerts

Get immediate alerts whenever any irregularity has been detected (e.g. end point is down, a transaction is broken, performance is slow)


KPI tracking over time

Monitor performance on any time scale (day-over-day, week, month, etc.) across multiple locations, app versions, OSs, networks, devices.


Detailed debug logs

HeadSpin’s AI-based issue detection engine identifies root cause of functional and performance issues — so that you can speed resolution


UX issue prediction

HeadSpin AI Engine continuously analyzes all the collected KPIs to alert you to high priority fixes and offer predictions on what might break next.


Devops, CI/CD integration

Seamlessly integrate with existing devops or CI/CD tools such as PagerDuty, JIRA, ServiceNow and others.

Global Device Cloud

HeadSpin’s platform is powered by real, SIM-enabled devices running on real networks in 160+ locations around the world. 


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