Retail & E-commerce

Optimize omnichannel shopping experiences for customers anywhere in the world.

seamless purchases and payments

Deliver Seamless Digital Shopping Experiences.

Amid the global pandemic, buyers are increasingly shopping online and relying on services such as home delivery, curbside pickup, virtual consultations, and chatbots. For retailers to minimize churn and cart abandonment, delivering flawless omnichannel shopping experiences is paramount.

However, numerous technical factors impact the digital shopper’s experience including device resources (memory, battery, CPU), network latency, cloud/CDN, API calls, 3rd party SDKs, and compatibility across a diversity of carriers, OSes and devices. Measuring and optimizing app performance under highly variable real world conditions will enable retailers to deliver consistent and reliable experiences anywhere in the world.


Digital Channel Assurance

Testing retail and e-commerce experiences under real world conditions  and running multiple tests in parallel prior to launch across multiple global distribution streams. 

Bandwidth Limitations

Ability to scale to meet demand. Higher resolution videos and large amounts of content can compromise quality, performance, and reliability. 

Video and Audio Quality

Ensuring visuals are being displayed quickly and smoothly, providing a satisfactory viewing experience for product video content.

Device/Network Challenges

Verifying customer experience on a large variety of device types. Being able to measure the performance of their applications across multiple devices and carrier networks  to ensure compatibility.

Metadata Search Challenges

Efficiently storing, managing, retrieving, and displaying accurate information on products. 

HeadSpin Use Cases

HeadSpin’s Digital Experience AI Platform gives you the state-of-the-art device infrastructure, test automation, insights and analytics you need to deliver your best customer experience ever.

Test Automation

Create, execute, and automate tests on real devices with extensive framework and API support. 

Functional Testing

Test both performance and functionality using HeadSpin’s global device infrastructure and remote control bridge.

Regression Testing

Test regression using more than 3000 test cases running in parallel on multiple devices. Monitor app performance during QA and in production, and automate build-over-build regression testing

Localization Testing

Ensure flawless global shopping experiences. 

Performance Optimization

Optimize critical user journeys (launch time, search, add to cart, etc.) by addressing root causes of crashes, errors and slowdowns.

Performance Measurement

Use HeadSpin & Nimble to test application performance — measured using real devices(iOS, Android, Zebra devices) running on real networks. 

Video QoE

Assess video quality with unique KPIs and a reference-free video MOS.

Device Input

Validate PoS and NFC solutions. Test barcode/QR code input to the app. 


Monitor and optimize carrier network and latency effects. Ensure compatibility across a diversity of carriers, OSes, and devices.


Ensure seamless authentication with fully integrated test automation SDK.

Seamless Purchases

Test and monitor in-app transaction performance and 3rd party payment services. 

In-Store Inventory

Test supply chain applications and ensure accurate in-store inventory, including support for Zebra devices.

HeadSpin Impact

Improved user retention by 39% on iOS and 64% on Android

enhanced digital buyer experience

Enhanced in-app user engagement with:
  • Number of sessions per user
  • Average session length
  • identify and resolve issues quickly

    Issues identified in 3rd party SDKs

    retail and e-commerce

    19% improvement in total speed up across all scenarios

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