Measure real world OTT app performance on telco networks

HeadSpin allows telcos to continuously monitor real-world network performance. For instance, every 10 minutes, HeadSpin can automatically collect KPI data for 25 popular apps — measured using real devices placed in multiple locations throughout the world. HeadSpin can use this data to provide telcos with valuable insights about network performance — and alerts engineers of potential outages, problems, or other issues.

Certify your devices for 5G and low bandwidth environments

HeadSpin ensures that your pre-released devices are certified for multiple use cases like 5G and low-bandwidth use cases. Make sure your devices are up to speed with real world user conditions and new technologies!

Netflix OTT time to play graph

“If you show a report on packet loss, jitter on links, or obscure network metrics, people's eyes glaze over. If you show them “this is how long it takes to open Facebook and Netflix,” that makes them take a lot more notice. HeadSpin has really helped us as a performance team.”

- David Rowe, Product Performance Team Manager, Telstra

Ensure device-OS-carrier-app compatibility for pre-release mobile devices

HeadSpin allows telcos to test each new device in real-world network conditions like 5G using real SIM cards — prior to the release of the device. This allows telcos to troubleshoot potential network issues, notify OEM manufacturers of compatibility or performance problems and avoid negative customer experiences.

Prepare for the future with 5G network and EMBMS testing

HeadSpin can help telcos prepare for the coming move to 5G — monitoring performance of test 5G network infrastructure, tracking and monitoring network KPIs, and providing insights from speed tests, packet loss, etc on phones (which provides LTE plus capabilities) across devices around the world. HeadSpin is also helping telcos optimize for video delivery and network performance as part of their EMBMS experimentation.

Compare network performance with competitors

Using devices equipped with SIMs from rival networks, HeadSpin lets telcos compare their network performance with KPIs from competitors. HeadSpin can automatically alert network engineers if performance begins to suffer or fall behind against competing networks.

Measure and track app KPIs that impact user experience

HeadSpin’s mobile experience platform can be customized to measure and document different KPIs from different applications. For example, HeadSpin tells telcos when video content on Netflix or Youtube was jittered, garbled, missing speech, etc.

Monitor and benchmark messaging app infrastructure and performance

HeadSpin allows telcos to continuously measure the core messaging KPIs like time it takes to send a message, time it takes to receive a message etc and compare this across OTT, in-house applications and competing networks. HeadSpin can also benchmark the performance of any Rich Communication Servers and compare performance to default messaging infrastructures.

Test core voice services

HeadSpin allows telcos to measure the performance of analog voice and compare it with voice over LTE and voice over Wi-Fi, helping ensure that voice service is consistent — regardless of connection method. Voice use cases include peer to peer calls, 911, Skype, Facetime etc.

Monitor roaming performance internationally

HeadSpin allows telcos to monitor real world roaming performance in international markets — measured using devices with telcos SIM cards running on partner networks around the world.

Get deep client-network-server insights that lead to action

HeadSpin does more that simply tell telcos when they have a problem — it also shows engineers why and how the problem is happening. HeadSpin AI solution provides UX data (in session UI, burst UI, waterfall UI, etc) and can automatically capture important info from debug logs to assists teams troubleshooting problems.

Benchmark live TV and video on demand (VOD) performance

HeadSpin allows telcos to measure and quantify the quality and performance of live video. HeadSpin provides video performance metrics using the following indicators: Commercial Black, Blockiness, Block Loss, Blur, Contrast, Exposure, Flickering, Freezing, Interlacing, Letter-boxing, Noise, Pillar-boxing, Slicing, Spatial Activity, Temporal Activity.

Conduct drive tests to understand network performance on the move

HeadSpin’s mobile physical boxes allow telcos to experience their network in a familiar real-world use case — while driving. Accurate geo locations, correlated video and audio feeds, and video and MOS quality scores allow telcos to accurately identify areas in its network that offer poor user experience. See example

Test free WiFi hotspots throughout your network

Telcos can use HeadSpin to gain a detailed understanding of congestion across their entire network, which allows the telcos to plan and build a more robust network infrastructure. HeadSpin allows telcos a wide range of mobile performance tests (voice over lte, voice over WiFi, video and audio streaming, video quality, etc.) while switching back and forth between network and WiFi hotspot connections.

Understand the full streaming experience for TV sticks on broadband

HeadSpin allows telcos to understand video performance on their residential and commercial broadband network. This insight provides telcos with a complete understanding of their customer’s entire experience streaming video on their network — whether at home, in the office, or on the go.

Build better in-house apps (smart home, music apps, etc)

In addition to supporting network performance, HeadSpin gives telcos an innovative testing platform that lets the company improve their products’ user experience.

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