Wireless Carriers

Get the real-world insight you need to optimize network, streaming, and app performance.

Deliver flawless customer experiences

Network performance is the leading cause of customer attrition in the telecommunications industry. Modern consumers expect flawless call quality, and app, messaging, and streaming performance, in their homes, offices, and on-the-go. HeadSpin can help you protect your investments and improve your network and services with deep insight into digital user experiences under complex real-world conditions—positioning you for industry leadership

Improve business outcomes with:
  • Enhanced network performance and resilience
  • Higher quality apps and services—on day one and every day after
  • Increased user retention and satisfaction
  • Successful deployment of new technologies and upgrades
  • Reduced revenue risk
  • Increased productivity of technical teams

Flawless Digital Experiences

Ensure successful deployment of infrastructure, devices, and applications. Deliver the performance your users demand. For mobile, web, audio and video.

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Analytics for OTT

How do your OTT applications perform in the real world? Test, monitor, and optimize user experience on real SIM-enabled devices—for any app, anywhere.


5G Readiness Everywhere

Launch and scale 5G fast. Understand and improve network performance from the groundup— before, during, and after deployment.

Protect your investments with real-world insight

In order to deliver flawless customer experiences, wireless carriers need to be able to measure the performance of their infrastructure across a variety of use cases—before, during and after deployment—but historically real-world performance data has been extremely difficult to measure. Many carriers rely on simulations in lieu of actual network performance data, which don’t accurately capture the complex real-world conditions that impact the user experience.

With its unique testing infrastructure and AI-powered insights, HeadSpin can help wireless carriers protect their business by easily identifying potential issues, investigating them, and quickly taking action to improve their network and services.

With HeadSpin, wireless carriers can:

  • Monitor network and app health, OTT/streaming media, SMS and voice call quality under real-world conditions on real devices
  • Test performance of in-house and popular 3rd party apps
  • Diagnose and resolve network, CDN, API, and client-side issues
  • Ensure device-OS-carrier compatibility for pre-release mobile devices
  • Prepare for the future with 5G network and eMBMS testing

HeadSpin Global Device Infrastructure

The HeadSpin Appliance can be deployed on-prem, in the cloud, or on-the-go for drive tests.

HeadSpin’s SIM-enabled devices are deployed in over a hundred locations throughout the world.

Prepare for the future with 5G network testing

5G is coming, and it’s going to change everything. Ensure a successful rollout of 5G by proactively measuring network and video KPIs on test infrastructure and optimizing for performance.

“HeadSpin lets us proactively monitor and identify potential issues before the customer even starts to notice things like lag, downtime or degradation in our services. That helps us be better prepared.”

—  David Rowe, Product Performance, 

    Team Manager, Telstra.

Get the actionable insight you need to optimize performance
Measure real-world app performance on your network
Automatically collect KPI data for popular apps on real devices placed in critical locations throughout your network. Get valuable insights about network performance and proactive alerts warning engineers of potential outages, problems, or other issues.
Monitor roaming performance internationally

Ensure customers experience the same performance abroad as they do at home by monitoring real-world roaming performance on partner networks around the globe, using devices equipped with your SIM cards.

Conduct drive tests to understand network performance on the move

Use HeadSpin’s mobile physical appliances to assess the quality of user experience for a familiar real-world scenario—while driving. Accurately identify geo locations, correlate video and audio feeds, and evaluate MOS scores for on-the-go performance.

Track unique app KPIs that affect the user’s experience

Define custom user flows and track KPIs specific to the type of app, including unique content quality metrics based on state-of-the-art AI and computer vision techniques. For example, for OTT apps, track when streaming content is jittered, garbled, or missing speech.

Get deep client-network-server insights that lead to action

Was a UX problem caused by a slow API call? CDN? Native device code? OS regression? Something else? Quickly resolve and performance issues with deep end-to-end visibility and AI-powered insights and recommendations.

Deliver high quality apps and services

Many wireless carriers also build their own suite of customer-facing apps and smart-home solutions, e.g., for home security systems, electronic billing, or tracking data usage. Optimize performance by profiling your apps prior to launch.

Ensure Device-OS-Carrier compatibility for pre-release mobile devices

Field test new devices prior to release in real-world network conditions using real SIM cards. Proactively notify OEM manufacturers of compatibility issues or performance problems—and avoid negative customer experiences.

Test core voice services

Ensure consistent voice service regardless of how a call is routed. Compare the performance of analog voice with voice over LTE and voice over WiFi—for peer-to-peer calls, 911, Skype, FaceTime, IVR, etc.

Evaluate live TV and video-on-demand (VOD) performance

Quantify the quality and performance of live broadcasts with unique audio and video KPIs such as reference-free video MOS scores, Commercial Block, Blockiness, Blur, Contrast, Exposure, Flickering, Freezing, Interlacing, Noise, Pillar-boxing, and Slicing.

Benchmark messaging app infrastructure and performance

Measure core messaging KPIs, such as time to send or receive an SMS/MMS message, and compare performance across different OTT platforms, apps, communication servers, and competing networks.

Test WiFi hotspots throughout your network

Complimentary WiFi hotspots often become congestion points for the network. Plan and build a more robust infrastructure with a detailed understanding of user experience for these hotspots. Conduct a wide range of mobile performance tests while switching between network and WiFi connections.

Understand the full streaming experience for TV sticks on broadband

Test video performance on residential and commercial broadband networks for a complete understanding of your customers’ entire streaming experience— whether at home, in the office, or on the go. On any device, including via set-top boxes or TV sticks.

Enable edge and smart-home experiences

Ensure the reliable IoT/smart hub connectivity your customers need to power a growing network of connected devices, including smart appliances, security systems, barcode readers, thermostats, and lighting.

Prepare for the future with 5G network and eMBMS testing

5G is coming, and it’s going to change everything. Ensure a successful rollout of 5G and other investments and upgrades, such as SD-WAN and eMBMS/LTE Broadcast, by proactively measuring network and video KPIs on test infrastructure, and optimizing for performance.

Better experiences. Better results.

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