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Effective Android App Testing

Execute automated testing on real devices worldwide to build high-performing Android apps.

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Perform Android application testing on real remote devices seamlessly with HeadSpin

Real Android device cloud

Wondering how to test Android app to the best of your capabilities? Why rely on simulations when you have the opportunity to conduct Android application testing on actual devices and not through Android app manual testing?

You can test Android apps by immediately connecting to countless real remote devices using HeadSpin’s secure global device cloud. Select from a wide range of Android devices of varying screen sizes equipped with any version of the Android running multiple tests (either Android app manual testing or automated) without experiencing any slowdown.

Quickly scale up Android app automation testing

HeadSpin’s flexible distributed system runs on proprietary hardware that enables you to instantly and securely scale up your efforts to test Android apps through automation. Your Android app manual testing developers can safely connect with selected remote devices and track non-noise interfered data. Our hardware can also be added to new locations beyond our existing network of 90+ locations.
Scale up testing with HeadSpin’s automation testing for Android apps

Easy debugging

Eliminate the need to maintain multiple logs. HeadSpin’s Android testing tool allows you to select and resolve high-priority issues across the client-server communication platform. You can save critical time locating and resolving important bugs and behind-the-scenes visibility of performance issues in the server, CDN, network, application, and device. You can reproduce the user experience hassle-free and avoid performance issues while using Android app automated testing tools.
Hassle-free debugging for Android apps
Run thousands of tests parallelly at scale without worrying about device availability with our reliable global device infrastructure.
Leverage a reliable global device infrastructure

AI-powered insights

If you’re wondering how to test Android apps effectively, our Android app testing tool use AI and machine learning to measure video and audio streaming quality to share better experiences with your customers.

HeadSpin’s Android application testing features such as microphone quality and real-time audio playback can help test audio quality anywhere globally for speech-enabled Android apps and audio streaming. You can check the quality of voice messaging features as well.
Data science insights for improved performance testing of Android apps

Effortless integration

HeadSpin’s Android application testing platform effortlessly integrates with most automated testing frameworks, which includes Appium, Espresso, EarlGrey, Calabash, UI Automotor, TestNG, JUnit, Selenium, KIF, Experitest, native XCtests, and FitNesse, allowing you to run and flawlessly execute Appium tests on real Android devices.
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Connection drop-offs

Sudden and unexpected connection dropouts and session disconnects are frustrating and can cause unwanted stress due to work delays. In contrast, superior connectivity can significantly decrease the time for testing applications. Testers using HeadSpin’s performance testing for Android app testing online have experienced excellent connectivity throughout their testing processes.
Prolonged connectivityt throughout testing process

Natural interaction

Remote testing need not reduce the quality of performance testing for Android apps. You can interact with your Android mobile app on the remote device, just as you would if the device were in your hand. Tap, zoom, scroll, swipe, and perform all other actions as your user would.
Natural Interaction

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Are you ready for an improved Android app performance testing experience?

HeadSpin is your solution for better results and accelerating automation skills in Android app testing.
Experience faster in-app load times, faster development cycles, reduced production issues, and new releases with less time in QA by choosing HeadSpin Android testing tool.