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Test and monitor websites & apps with our vast real local devices across the world.

Geolocation Testing

Connect to our real local devices worldwide and run geolocation tests on your mobile apps and websites.

What is Geolocation Testing?

Many devices come with built-in GPS receivers that help identify the device's location. Apps built to use this geolocation data can help users get location-based results for specific searches.

Integrating an effective geolocation testing solution helps enterprises perfect digital experiences as it evaluates the app on multiple parameters like cellular data, network infrastructure, data bandwidth, etc., which can vary according to the geography by the use of such geo-testing tools.

Often organizations make business decisions based on their user's location and habits. Hence, a good understanding of performing geolocation testing, helps in building a successful app..
Devices with built-in GPS to help identify their location.

Performing Geolocation Testing

Performing  geolocation testing on real devices covers the mobile app against any geography dependent factors and ensures optimal performance.

HeadSpin offers a global device cloud of Android, iOS, and desktop browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and IE, and Opera, enabling geolocation app testing on real devices located in physically distributed environments.
HeadSpin offers various Android, iOS, and Desktop devices, enabling geolocation testing through real devices.

HeadSpin Enables Geolocation Testing

Websites can appear different when rendered from an IP of a geographical location different from yours. HeadSpin's geolocation website testing solution helps run cross-browser tests remotely and debug mobile, web, audio, and video applications.

The HeadSpin Platform enables businesses to test websites from different locations and connect to thousands of real mobile and browser testing devices. HeadSpin’s rich global device infrastructure with physical devices worldwide enables testing of various distributed edge nodes or "edges". Testers access devices with actual SIM cards via the  global device cloud.

Test mobile apps and websites from different locations on real devices and test the actual user experience in locations around the globe without compromising on security and performance through our single tenant deployment model.

Geolocation testing on different location-based scenarios

Icon of a magnifying glass over the globe representing geotargeting.
Geotargeting Tests
Geolocation testing tools are used to help your app or website deliver content based on your user's geographic location.
Icon of a location pin representing geofencing.
Geofencing Tests
Test your app or website to ensure it triggers the correct action when users enter a specific location.
Icon of a crossed-out location pin representing geoblocking.
Geoblocking Tests
User access to various sections of the website or app needs to be controlled by the developers. Geolocation testing helps you identify if your app or website is successfully limiting or blocking user internet access.
Icon of a location pin representing geotagging.
Geotagging Tests
User devices must show correct geographic coordinates to the location of their images or videos. Testing helps you understand if your website or app is doing this accurately.
Device Support

Handsets & Tablets

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Tick Image
HeadSpin provides support for Andriod devices.
HeadSpin platform provides support for iOS

OTT/Set Top Box

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Apple TV & Apple TV 4K
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Amazon Fire TV (all devices)
HeadSpin supports testing for Apple TV.
The HeadSpin platform provides testing support for OTT/Set-up boxes - Amazon Fire TV.
Browser Automation

Desktop Browsers

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Microsoft IE & Edge
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Tick Image
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HeadSpin provides testing support for browsers - Internet Explorer.
The HeadSpin platform provides testing support for browsers - Safari.
HeadSpin provides support for browsers - Google Chrome.
Headspin provides testing support for browsers - Firefox.
HeadSpin provides testing support for browsers - Opera.

OEM Browsers

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UC Web
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Tick Image
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Other OEM browsers

Operating Systems

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Tick Image
Windows 10
HeadSpin provides testing support of operating systems - MacOS
Headspin provides testing support for operating systems - Windows 10.

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Test and monitor websites & apps with our vast and real local devices around the world.
geolocation testing
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