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HeadSpin Digital Experience Intelligence™

Global Device


Thousands of devices in hundreds of locations on real carrier and WiFi networks around the globe

Digital Experience


Used by Development, QA/Test,

DevOps, Operations, and Product

teams for optimization of any system

Automation, AI,

and Analytics

End-to-End Testing,

Performance Optimization,

and Experience Monitoring

No SDK or

Code Changes

All performance data is monitored

and captured through an API with

no code change or SDK needed

Delivering flawless digital experiences has many hurdles


Multitude of telecom networks
operating in every market

Operating Systems

Growing number of Android
and iOS versions


App functionality and
performance varies by geo

App Versions

Growing number of complex apps
operating in the background

CDN / API / 3rd Party

Expansion in number of global
and regional providers

Device Types

More devices (phone, tablet, TV,
and wearables)

Network / Edge

Variability in app client-side
libraries, SDKs and client-server
communication services


Availability Zones, PoPs, routing,
load balancing PaaS services

HeadSpin First Principles


Pre/Post Release
Delivering flawless digital experiences
requires rigorous pre-deployment QA
testing along with proactive issue identi-
fication in production, both of which
cannot be efficiently achieved without


Issues & Root Cause
HeadSpin’s proprietary ML algorithms
automatically surface digital experience
issues and pinpoint underlying root
cause across all layers of the stack.


Digital Lifecycle KPIs
Metrics and events from HeadSpin and
3rd party sources combine to provide
insights and understanding throughout
the digital experience lifecycle, from
planning to development to operations.

HeadSpin First Principles

HeadSpin Benefits


New Offerings
Products, Services, and Channels


Customer Engagement


Costs & Time to Market
Dev, Test, Ops and Risk

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Over the last five months NimbleDroid has helped us detect and fix several performance bottlenecks, as well as preventing two serious performance regressions from going live to millions of users...

NimbleDroid did an excellent job correctly figuring out bottlenecks and which code developer needed to be corrected to improve app startup time.

— Android Developer at Flipkart
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HeadSpin provided access to Kenya and China to let us iterate and improve the quality of service much faster than previously possible.

And when we tried in India for routing changes on a few different carriers, only 1 carrier behaved as expected. Thank you HeadSpin!

— Solutions Architect
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HeadSpin helped us establish credibility, and that opened up a whole set of new conversations that we didn’t expect out of the gate. Now we’re talking with businesses about other solutions we offer — how performance leads to conversations or impacts business value. We wouldn’t be having those conversations without HeadSpin.

— Senior Director, Project Management at Akamai

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