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Use HeadSpin’s Advanced Capabilities to Optimize Digital Experiences

ai powered analytics

AI Powered Analytics

  • Analyze data captured through test sessions
  • Generate AI generated insights with actionable recommendations
real device testing

Real Device Testing

  • Test on real bare metal devices connected to real networks
  • Evaluate a wide range of end-user scenarios
multi channel testing

Multi Channel Testing

  • Perform cross browser testing with Windows, MacOS, and Linux
  • Gain flexibility to use preferred automation frameworks
UX Testing

User Experience Testing

  • Identify issues and recommend solutions with issue cards
  • Debug data and device logs and perform network analysis
Performance optimization

Performance Optimization

  • Collect 130+ KPIs around app, device, OS, and network
  • Improve performance and UX through deep analysis
devops enabled platform

DevOps Enabled Platform

  • Enable easy integration with development and QA environments
  • Streamline DevOps processes with a short turnaround time

HeadSpin customers have seen the following outcomes


Fewer hours spent on QA for new releases


Reduction in number of production issues


Faster development cycles


Faster in-app load times


Improvement in user retention

Leverage Unique Benefits of HeadSpin to Gain an Edge over Competitors

Performance and quality of experience analytics
Actionable insights with issue cards and RCA
dashboard,alerts and watchers
Dashboard, alerts, and watchers for proactive actions
team collaboration
Team collaboration with issue triaging, reproduction, and prioritization
hybrid deploment
On-premise, cloud-hosted, or hybrid deployments
appium selenium support
Native Appium and Selenium support
reference free video MOS
Reference-free video MOS and spinner detection
No SDK change required
No SDK or changes to the app code required
Run thousands of tests parallelly at scale without worrying about device availability with our reliable global device infrastructure.
Leverage a reliable global device infrastructure

Devices and Browsers Supported by the HeadSpin Platform

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Testing Maturity Model

Testing Maturity Model

testing maturity modeltesting maturity model
Set up Continuous Testing Across All Environments
testing maturity modeltesting maturity model
Track KPIs to Measure UX Goals and Budgets
testing maturity modeltesting maturity model
Monitor Performance Goals and Budgets
testing maturity modeltesting maturity model
Carry Out Exploratory Testing
testing maturity modeltesting maturity model
Perform Continuous Integration and Functional Regressions
testing maturity modeltesting maturity model
Automate Testing Procedures
testing maturity modeltesting maturity model
Execute Manual Validation
testing maturity model pyramid

Leverage HeadSpin’s SOC 2 Compliant Testing Platform

HeadSpin is committed to maintaining and enhancing the security of the Platform. The HeadSpin Platform received the SOC 2 Type 2 certification from SOC auditors for its effective security and design controls. Security, availability, and confidentiality are the three main qualities of the HeadSpin Platform recognized by SOC auditors.
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Perfect digital experiences with data science insights
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Experience ease of implementation with 60+ frameworks

HeadSpin Integrations

Enterprise Solution Catering to
Testing Needs Across All Industries

perform 5g ultra band edge validation

Perform 5G ultra band edge validation

Execute edge evaluation with a 360-degree view to ensure flawless application, device, and network performance.
Test 5G compatiability of pre-release devices

Test 5G compatibility of pre-release devices

Ensure comprehensive evaluation of pre-release device models using on-prem setup without any security concerns.
Monitor roaming performance

Monitor roaming performance (inbound and outbound)

Run roaming performance tests on real SIM-enabled devices in multiple locations worldwide under real-world conditions.
leverage continuous qoe qos assessment framewor

Leverage continuous QoE/QoS assessment framework

Measure holistic, subjective quality with insights backed by expert system machine learning models.
 HeadSpin for Telecom image
get security compliance assurance

Get security compliance assurance with on-premise appliances

Use a secure enclosure for dedicated test devices with an electronic lock for enterprise-grade data privacy and security.
automate voice and accessibility testing

Automate voice and accessibility testing

Integrate audio use cases to stay on track with accelerated release schedules and ensure customer satisfaction.
perform location-specific testing

Perform location-specific testing

Test against numerous location-specific factors—from the local carrier network signal to edge effects from CDNs, 3rd party APIs, or cloud calls.
collect performance insights without sdk installation

Collect performance insights without SDK installation

Execute tests without any proprietary SDK installation or other modifications to the app code to get in-depth performance visibility.
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perform anonymized peer benchmarking

Perform anonymized peer benchmarking

Collect detailed competitor analysis to compare your retail app’s performance with competitors with respect to various KPIs & CUJs.
end-to-end monitoring and testing

Carry out end-to-end monitoring and testing

Monitor and perform testing scenarios involving third-party services/applications like payment and inventory to replicate real-world conditions.
online identity verification

Conduct online identity verification

Enable the capability to run and automate retail app features, like biometrics, single sign-on, one-time password, two-factor authentication, etc.
monitor API usage

Monitor API usage

Track the API usage of your retail app and monitor the impact of third-party APIs on your application’s performance.
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capture qoe and streaming performance kpis

Capture QoE and streaming performance KPIs

Collect video quality and streaming KPIs with a reference-free video MOS and audio match analysis.
record tests on tv

Record tests on TV

Use the smart TV remote control app to execute commands on the setup box via the HeadSpin UI.
perform video and audio analysis

Perform video and audio analysis

Test and analyze playback media with advanced video & audio analysis capabilities, including AI-based issue cards.
HeadSpin for Banking
monitor real-time gaming experience

Monitor real-time gaming experience

Identify gameplay malfunctions without requiring a reference video or relying on ambiguous metrics, such as jerkiness and blockiness.
performing root cause analysis

Perform root cause analysis

Leverage built-in AI to identify the root cause of issues, including on the backend, device, OS, or network level.
analyze frames per second

Analyze frames per second (FPS)

Track the frame rate of live or recorded content, locate when and where a drop occurred, and quickly determine how to address the issue.
kpi-based performance benchmarking

Conduct KPI-based performance benchmarking

Get access to core KPIs, like battery usage, memory usage, audio/video MOS, time-to-interaction, and launch time.
HeadSpin for Automobile image
performance-centric app development

Enable performance-centric app development

Set specific KPIs and collect data related to the overall performance of apps to develop high-performing digital native apps.
automate functional and performance testing

Automate functional and performance testing

Enable the automation of functional & performance testing and identify issues quickly to accelerate the testing cycle.
synthetic monitoring and testing

Perform synthetic monitoring and testing

Continuously monitor digital native apps and automate different user journeys to identify various possible bugs.
gather digital experience insights

Gather digital experience insights

Monitor and collect deep insights into functional & non-functional features of digital native apps for perfecting digital experiences.
HeadSpin for Retail Industry
vehicle infotainment experience testing

Enable vehicle infotainment experience testing

Perform end-user experience monitoring of vehicle infotainment systems to get real-time user data.
increase test coverage with automation enabler

Increase test coverage with the innovative automation enabler

Use HeadSpin’s Blue Finger device, Switch, and Test Bench software to automate test cases that were previously only possible to do manually.
leverage the phone as a key feature

Leverage the Phone as a Key (PaaK) feature

Collect data points, such as historical information about performance and automatic calculation of the Bluetooth connection drop.
HeadSpin for Retail Industry

Our Customer Success Stories

VMLYR logo
HeadSpin provides VMLY&R the ability to test and analyze their clients’ mobile app performances on real devices across select locations.
Citi Ventures Testimonial
Having a tool that allows us to quickly share access to a physical device, not a simulator or emulator,
and allow anybody from QA to a designer or a developer to check out was very important to us.
Adam Jones
Director of Mobile Apps and Emerging Technology, VMLY&R

Perfecting digital experiences for end users with HeadSpin's data science insights