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Why choose HeadSpin over Perfecto?

HeadSpin enables increased security, better performance with parallel testing and unique data science capabilities for relevant insights & recommendations.
HeadSpin vs PerfectoHeadSpin vs Perfecto

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'Application testing services' is a broad term adopted to carry all types of verification and validation services to authenticate quality control and quality assurance of user’s applications. Companies like HeadSpin and Perfecto offer a range of consultative services centering on the overall testing strategy and business process and technical site testing. However, to assist service-seekers like you, we have curated a list of features to explain why HeadSpin is the best alternative to Perfecto.

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superior testing tool to Perfecto
HeadSpin enterprise-grade appliances

Enterprise-Grade Appliance

HeadSpin’s enterprise-grade appliances can integrate into your base devices with a minimum of complexity and offer transparent proxy support. It provides essential features and functions like security, portability, and temperature-controlled and rf-enabled access to the remote WiFi or carrier networks.

HeadSpin is the best alternative to Perfecto as you can deploy it on-premise. In comparison, Perfecto’s Scriptless has more bugs in its implementation and has substandard ratings on the internet.

Artificial Intelligent Analysis

Providing recommendations and insights for measuring the performance and QoE is critical in the application testing ecosystem. Perfecto fails to provide recommendations based on smart systems. In contrast, the HeadSpin AI expert engine provides QoE analysis and unique metrics based on computer vision and ML models for in-depth performance data. HeadSpin’s AI engine helps in the visual validation of performance tests for improved accuracy. It also has better test coverage through the application of reasoning, problem-solving, and better decision-making.

Artificial Intelligent Analysis


HeadSpin allows for deploying device maintenance scripts for purpose-built appliances. It enables end-to-end visibility, security, flexibility, stability, and portability to all applications deployed in 90+ locations globally on their present SIM and WiFi networks. You can host it on-premise or on any third-party managed cloud infrastructure. In comparison, Perfecto used to deploy maintenance scripts using Perfecto IDE. However, after the depreciation of Flash at the end of 2020, Perfecto IDE is not competent anymore. It lacks several features making HeadSpin the best alternative to Perfecto.

Globalized app testing

Extensive Test Frameworks

HeadSpin has no proprietary test framework, which helps in saving an immense amount of effort that goes into manual scripting and avoids vendor lock-in. Its platform is native to Appium and  Selenium, which is easier to configure using web driver URLs and helps design bridge capabilities. However, Perfecto’s platform supports new in-house frameworks. These frameworks are complex and expensive and often take countless days to understand and maintain forever. HeadSpin’s extensive test frameworks make testers focus on their central task of testing the applications making it the perfect alternative to Perfecto.

HeadSpin supported frameworks

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Reference-free Video MOS

Profiling the quality of video content by a panel of trained experts and using sophisticated algorithms was a tiresome and time-consuming task. HeadSpin measures the holistic and subjective quality of the video using a reference-free mean opinion score (MOS). MOS does not rely on other metrics for results and delivers high accuracy in predicting perceptual qualities. In contrast, Perfecto needs a primary video clip source under test, making HeadSpin the best Perfecto alternative.

Reference-free Video MOS
HeadSpin’s regression intelligence

Regression Intelligence

HeadSpin’s build-over-build comparison across various metrics, locations, devices, and sessions helps maintain deep linking within the regression issues to eliminate much of the risk associated with software updates. It also offers custom annotations and metadata tagging making it easy to search and find a specific bug from massive volumes of raw data in seconds. However, Perfecto does not provide this technology for its users.

Gata security with HeadSpin


Since HeadSpin offers dedicated devices to users, the data is completely secure. On the contrary, Perfecto provides mobile and web testing in the cloud. Consequently, it is more vulnerable to misconfiguration and inadequate change control. HeadSpin tools are easy to learn and use for developers, testers, ops & product teams and meet enterprise-grade Security. Thus, HeadSpin is one of the best Perfecto alternatives.


Connectivity is essential in testing as several tests are hard to build correctly and require a stable network connection. It is also necessary for application connection tests that keep track of several protocols for specified ports and connected host devices. HeadSpin’s performance testing on Android and iOS devices monitors multi-tier infrastructures, and there are no chances of slow-down. It further enables you to test connections to external resources and web services. In comparison, Perfecto has multiple reported bugs, intermittent network-drops, and re-starting connection problems.

Global devices with faster connectivity

Data & Insights

Test data is a crucial element in executing test cases correctly. It is used to verify the expected output in almost every mobile and web application under test. HeadSpin offers extensive KPI data collection. Its ability to integrate its services with multiple service management platforms provides better insights for code, network, and device visibility. Furthermore, you can also export an SQL database for external analysis. In comparison, Perfecto is yet to gear up on its data collection service, and its platform to analyze and examine the imported data has experienced lag issues during the implementation.

Testing data & insights
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Considering the strengths from a perspective of core competencies makes HeadSpin the best alternative to Perfecto.

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