Seamlessly conduct cross browser testing on thousands of real devices globally

Remotely test and debug mobile, web, audio and video application on thousands of devices around the world.

Transform your cross browser testing experience

Scale your testing to thousands of combinations to ensure product quality and digital confidence.
Digital User Experience
Spend more time on features, not bugs
Bug Finding
Quickly identify bugs before your customers
automated browser testing with zero maintenance
Zero maintenance stress
Browser Automation Testing
Automate Selenium tests
Fast browser testing
Speed up development up to 10x
Test browser compatibility
Test browser compatibility on the go
Browser testing on real devices
Test remotely and continuously on real devices in real locations
Web automation testing
Run web testing automation tools in a secure, scalable, and reliable environment

Key Functions and Capabilities

We enable you to run any application on any device in the world

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Thousands of real mobile and browser test devices are now at your fingertips. Access remote devices equipped with actual SIM cards through our secure global device cloud.
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Test real user experience in locations around the globe. Instantly add more locations.
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Get a flexible distributed system to scale your remote testing efforts securely. HeadSpin enables developers to monitor non-noise interfered data through our proprietary RF-compliant hardware and custom USB hub.

Find and fix bugs instantly

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Reproduce the highest priority issues and resolve these specific bugs wherever they may be across the client-server communications. HeadSpin offers behind-the-scenes visibility into your performance issues. From server, CDN, network, application to the device against your test flows so that you can quickly resolve the most critical bugs.
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Test your app in different development environments. Our local testing feature allows you to test your apps on your development and staging environment. View tests and logs as they are executed and created.
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Never upload the same build twice. Select from builds uploaded by you or your team and start testing right away. Get all versions in one machine—no need to check device compatibility. We automatically identify the devices with OS versions supported by your mobile application.
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HeadSpin enables you to run multiple tests at the same time without conflict. Carry out non-conflicting automated and manual tests simultaneously. Reserve times in advance to use devices for testing purposes.
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HeadSpin helps you avoid uncoordinated tests that mess each other up. Your reservation system will work seamlessly with an integration server.

Audio and Video

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Check and measure audio quality worldwide for speech-enabled apps and audio streaming. Preview apps and monitor audio experience in real-time.
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Automatically access the audio quality experienced by a user of a voice-enabled app. Get reliable results and quality metrics — no more scoring based on user feedback.
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HeadSpin supports WebRTC ("Web Real-Time Communication") protocols. Quickly access and test bi-directional audio on remote devices via a web browser in real-time.

HeadSpin Integrations

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Use our plugins and APIs to get results from your environments automatically.
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Track issues using integrations such as JIRA and ServiceNow. Receive alerts on user experience issues and act quickly.
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Effortlessly integrate with your continuous integration and deployment environments (e.g., Jenkins, Travis CI).

Better experiences. Better results.

Accelerate development and innovation. Optimize performance and functionality. Ensure digital business success with HeadSpin's AI testing and dev-ops collaboration platform.