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Why HeadSpin Is The Best BrowserStack Alternative

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HeadSpin's global device infrastructureHeadSpin's global device infrastructure

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As a BrowserStack alternative, HeadSpin plays a significant role in fulfilling the demand for testing on real devices and cross-browser devices. Their ability to test on real devices online and monitor digital experiences adds to the value proposition of organizations implementing testing solutions. However, every company has different requirements and here are a few reasons we believe why HeadSpin is the best alternative to BrowserStack.

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Test from different locations

Global Device Infrastructure for Test Automation

As a BrowserStack alternative, HeadSpin’s Global Device Infrastructure lets you test software and hardware without the constraints of insufficient budget, geographical issues, multiple test cases, high running costs per test, etc.

HeadSpin’s real user global testing facilitates mobile and browser testing on thousands of SIM-enabled devices deployed in 90+ locations on actual carrier and WiFi networks around the globe. It offers location testing using different time zones and network zones, making it the best BrowserStack alternative.

Enterprise-Grade Appliance HeadSpin, in comparison to BrowserStack not only offers a much vast device farm of real devices across the globe in a secure environment but also provides dedicated devices. BrowserStack’s device farms are shared resources between their customers which affects the availability and hence the speed of the test execution as they wait in queue to be available for the tests to run.

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Enterprise-Grade Appliance

HeadSpin Appliance provides a secure, portable, temperature-controlled enclosure for various compatible devices and allows RF access to the local WiFi or carrier networks. It also offers Enterprise-grade deployment for both portable and on-prem devices. However, BrowserStack does not possess this capability, making HeadSpin the best BorwserStack alternative.

HeadSpin Appliance


HeadSpin is a great alternative to BrowserStack because it offers dedicated devices to users, the data is completely secure. BrowserStack on the other hand provides shared devices. The user data on these shared devices is cleared to a “pristine” state, which may not necessarily mean that the previous data has completely been erased making HeadSpin one of the best BrowserStack alternatives.

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In-depth Performance Data

To deliver top-quality mobile experiences, it is essential to understand user behavior and improve your apps’ mobile user experience. HeadSpin helps you with in-depth performance data, including code, packet, network visibility, CDN, API, and 3rd party SDKs. On the other hand, though Browserstack provides insights, it does not dig deep enough to provide extensive details, covering all the parameters, when compared to HeadSpin.

Performance Data Analytics

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AI Engine

Another reason why HeadSpin is the best alternative to BrowserStack is artificial intelligence, which when used in testing solutions, extends massive potential. HeadSpin helps in harnessing the potential of AI to analyze the results of performance tests. Its AI-based issue detection engine runs a suite of analytics to identify, quantify, and prioritize issues observed during the test session. The analytics suite provides insights such as long loading times or drops in video quality and other network and server issues.

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HeadSpin's AI Engine
Tracking Issues

Tracking Issues

HeadSpin’s app testing platform enables you to

  • Find performance issues
  • Get all the various logs: device, network
  • Connecting to Appium Desktop, Android studio, XCode
  • Remote Debug with HeadSpin CLI
  • Take screenshots

However, with BrowserStack it is noted that some users face challenges while accessing inbuilt tools for debugging.

Reference-Free Video MOS

Reference-Free Video MOS

Measuring the quality of video that viewers experience is a difficult task. BrowserStack fails to address this requirement; however, HeadSpin’s reference-free video Mean Opinion Score (MOS) provides a flexible, accurate, and scalable algorithmic approach to address the challenges of reliably assessing perceptual video quality, making it a great alternative to BrowserStack.

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Multi-User Testing

HeadSpin’s automation mobile application testing platform allows multiple parallel tests (also called crunch testing or parallel testing) and runs smoothly. However, although BrowserStack’s platform also has the multi-testing feature, testers have experienced lag issues while testing applications.

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Sudden and unexpected connection dropouts and session disconnects are frustrating and can cause unwanted stress due to work delays. In contrast, superior connectivity can significantly decrease the time for testing applications. Testers using HeadSpin’s performance testing on Android and iOS devices have experienced excellent connectivity throughout their testing processes. BrowserStack’s platform has yet to gear up on this parameter.

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To summarize, HeadSpin has more to offer and greater value to deliver as compared to BrowserStack.

HeadSpin’s testing platform helps you in perfecting digital experiences through rigorous pre-deployment and QA testing, along with proactive issue identification in production through its automated testing capabilities deployed on-prem or in the cloud. Thus making it the best alternative to BrowserStack.

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