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One platform for automated testing of smart TVs

Securely test audio and video on smart TVs for increased efficiency

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Introducing AV Platform

AV Platform enables you to test video applications such as media, entertainment and gaming on real devices like iPhones, iPads and smart TVs. Run tests on OTT media devices. Test DRM-protected content. Test voice activation and speaker-based use cases.

Capture audio and video for automated testing from any smart TV placed inside the appliance

HeadSpin supports the open source Appium framework natively. The open source Appium version can only support Apple TV 4th generation but not the Apple TV 4K. HeadSpin has developed a solution that works for network devices such as the 4K for Appium.

Automated Testing

Drive efficiency through automation
Capture Quality of Experience & streaming performance KPIs
Test a vast range of non-functional requirements (NFR) in addition to functional testing
Run tests on OTT media devices
AV Dashboard 3

Easily run and record tests for media devices

Use the smart TV remote control app to execute commands on the setup box via the HeadSpin UI
Functionality of AV Platform

How It Works

A high resolution camera is placed opposite the device being tested. This camera captures video and the captured content is continuously tested for its quality
The audio from the device under test is captured through microphones and Bluetooth (if enabled) and can be analyzed via HeadSpin's audio match analysis
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Accurately measure perceptual video quality with AV platform and get your video & audio testing needs sorted.


Audit Visual Platform

Increased efficiency through automated testing

Digital User Experience

Ensure revenue growth and high user engagement

AV Platform

One platform for NFR & functional testing needs

Performance Graph

Accelerate problem resolution through testing on real smart TVs

What Our Customers Say About Us

Frequent builds always pose a problem. Typically build teams will solve that by hiring more people. It helps a bit, but it’s not as good as having good tools. HeadSpin gave us the tools to scale in an effective way.
With HeadSpin's state-of-the-art device infrastructure, we were able to test our SDK in a key global locations and gain critical visibility into communications across the wire, including third party API calls and CDN effects.
Having a tool that allows us to quickly share access to a physical device, not a simulator or emulator, and allow anybody from QA to a designer or a developer [to check out was very important to us].
HeadSpin is a simple way for you to get sophisticated insights and recommendations on how to improve the performance and reliability of an app.
With HeadSpin, we don't have to use network measures as a proxy for customer experience. Now we get data and insights into real customer experience.
HeadSpin gives you the ability to test your user experience on any device and in any country that you choose — be it Android or iOS — as if you were in that country holding that device.
We’re leveraging HeadSpin Compass as a cost-effective solution for mobile test automation coverage. Compass fits our needs for functional, exploratory and performance testing. For functional automation, our CI/CD pipeline executes our regression test suite against a variety of supported devices Compass provides. For exploratory testing, we leverage the Compass device cloud to manually verify app behaviour.
HeadSpin lets us proactively monitor and identify potential issues before the customer even starts to notice things like lag, downtime or degradation in our services. That helps us be better prepared.
HeadSpin enabled BYJU's to turn Remote Unity Automation testing into reality. They were able to test mobile app performance for various locations seamlessly on a remote network, through the network of devices that HeadSpin provided. This saved BYjU's time and effort to release a better quality, higher performing product. Time to market improved by 15X - going from 5 weeks to only a few days.