Delivering flawless audio/video experiences has many hurdles

Since consumption of rich media and voice-activated apps is on the rise, testing the audio and video quality for the best user experience has become paramount. But this process often faces many challenges.
Media testing platforms frequently struggle to:

>> Capture test data for DRM-protected content

>> Assess perceptual video quality without a user-submitted subjective measure (such as MOS)

>> Ensure audio/video compatibility across a wide variety of networks and user devices, including tablets, phones, smart speakers, and set top boxes

There is a necessity for a solution to overcome these hurdles in order to provide optimal UX.

Introducing the AV Platform

The platform allows to Test video applications such as media, entertainment, gaming, video conferencing. Run tests on OTT media devices. Test DRM-protected content.
Test voice activation and speaker based use cases.


Analysis on real world performance data

Ensure your content is compatible with all devices and networks.

Automated measurement and documenting of audio/video KPIs

Deliver flawless audio visual experiences by focusing on key KPIs

Identification of the highest priority issues to fix

Save your engineers' time by prioritizing issues to fix using AI-powered insights.

Automated Mean Opinion Score (MOS) on the quality and performance of live video.

Understand how your audio-video content is perceived by the end user.

Database of recorded sessions

Analyse root causes and help engineers understand difficult-to-quantify UX aspects

Accurate testing sans interference

Ensure flawless testing uninterrupted by ambient noise and light interference


High quality customer experiences across geographies

Better view engagement and revenue growth

Increased operational efficiency & reduced time-to-market