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Don’t Rely on iOS Emulators & Android Simulators. Test on Real Devices

With HeadSpin Platform, you can perfect digital experiences wherever your users are. HeadSpin’s global device infrastructure enables mobile, and browser testing on hundreds of real devices deployed worldwide.

While mobile device emulators can replicate real-world scenarios, with HeadSpin, you can test your apps on real devices and get accurate results.
*No code changes or credit card needed.

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Manual and Automated Testing

Manual & Automated Testing

Remotely test and debug your apps with the real mobile devices for testing for secure, scalable API-driven manual and automated testing.
Performance testing

Performance Testing

With the actual mobile devices for testing, delve deep into performance issues and troubleshoot crashes and errors.
Global Device Infrastructure

Global Device Infrastructure

Test website and apps where your users are with our growing list of real local devices (not emulators).
Functional Testing

Functional Testing

Get real-world insights that achieve emulator-like environments by testing on real devices. No SDK is required.
AI Engine

AI Engine

Get performance & QoE insights and issue recommendations powered by our state-of-the-art AI engine.
AI Engine

Real Device Testing

HeadSpin comes with a robust real device testing solution. You can test on real devices that are SIM-enabled, and leverage AI tools for effective test results.

Emulators vs. Real Devices

Use Cases Emulators Real Devices
Accurately emulate battery Issues as a result of GPS, gestures, and sensor use No Yes
Accurately emulate performance with regards to SMS, Incoming calls, and other similar aspects No Yes
Accurately emulate touch screen issues No Yes
False positives or negatives Yes No
Visible performance defects No Yes
Real-life scenarios No Yes
Useful in the early stages of SDLC Yes Yes
Open-source Yes No