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Tricentis, a software testing company, is HeadSpin's specialized partner.
Tricentis Tosca and HeadSpin Platform

Innovation & acceleration in test automation

To help enterprises achieve digital transformation goals and perfect digital experiences at speed through HeadSpin’s data science platform and globally deployed real-device infrastructure for high-quality software delivery.

HeadSpin deeply integrates with Tricentis framework

HeadSpin integrates with Tosca 15.0 and enables businesses to enhance their testing capabilities through real device testing using HeadSpin’s global device infrastructure for automation testing with Appium’s distinct capabilities. Tosca 15.0 is a test automation framework and HeadSpin is a test execution framework that delivers an end-to-end solution for testing. Tosca’s codeless AI-powered approach coiled with HeadSpin’s data science based insights empower enterprises to test on every device on the edge and proactively resolve issues for an assured flawless digital experience.

Benefits of this partnership include

Ease of CI/CD workflow integration
Quality of Experience issue identification
Parallel test execution
Connect to thousands of real mobile and browser testing devices. Using physical devices in global locations enables testing of various distributed edge nodes or "edges"
Higher test automation rates of 90%, helping drive innovation in the enterprise packaged applications ecosystems
Test with HeadSpin's real device cloud by implementing test cases with Tosca's codeless power