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Deep Insights to Understand your App’s Performance

Want to deliver your best user experience yet? See how your application fares on crucial performance KPIs and understand your user experience from dozens of angles — what the user sees, edge utilization, system performance, code execution, and more. Order a custom HeadSpin Performance Report for real-world performance data and analysis to help you optimize your app.

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What's Included

Our system will run a multifaceted test of loading your app on real devices in different locations around the world. It will then generate an interactive report with exclusive mobile and web performance insights including infrastructure deployment issues, poor performance, API errors, and more. Your custom report will include:

  • End-to-end views of your user flow
  • AI-powered recommendations to optimize user experience
  • Root causes degrading user experience

Key Metrics

Deliver superior digital experiences to your users with a custom Performance Report from HeadSpin. Your report will display the following issue cards and more.

User Experience

  • Low Page Content
  • Loading Animation
  • Poor Video Quality
  • Slow App Launch
  • Screen Freezing

Root Cause

  • Connection Reuse
  • Domain Sharding
  • DNS Errors
  • HTTP Redirects
  • Slow TLS


  • High Battery Drain
  • Log Exceptions 
  • Unencrypted Traffic
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The product localization team saw 90% reduction in number of production issues and 68% fewer hours spent on QA for new feature releases.

AJ Cihla
— Head of International Growth at Tinder
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With HeadSpin’s state-of-the-art device infrastructure, we were able to test our SDK in key global locations and gain critical visibility into communications across the wire, including third party API calls and CDN effects.

Ariel Vardy
— VP of Research & Development, CrazyLabs
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[With HeadSpin] we reduced in-app load times by 60% and resolved the regressions in ~21 hours—far less time than the multiple days it previously took to identify and fix a regression.

Arla Rosenzweig
— Performance Engineer at Pinterest
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HeadSpin helped us establish credibility, and that opened up a whole set of new conversations that we didn’t expect out of the gate. Now we’re talking with businesses about other solutions we offer — how performance leads to conversations or impacts business value. We wouldn’t be having those conversations without HeadSpin.

Gareth Ouellette
— Senior Director, Project Management at Akamai

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