Real Devices. 100+ Locations. Global Networks.

Automated Testing on Real Devices

The HeadSpin Global Device Infrastructure enables monitoring, testing and analyzing web apps, mobile apps and hardware devices in real-world conditions. Create better experiences by automating digital monitoring and testing on thousands of real devices, in hundreds of locations on real carrier and Wifi networks around the world.

  • Asset 49 Choose your app/device
  • Asset 54 Create your test scenario
  • Asset 51 Run your test
  • Asset 52 Get insights

1. Choose your app/device

Decide what to test— The HeadSpin Global Device Infrastructure supports native mobile apps, web apps, and physical hardware devices too

2. Create your test scenario

Create your combination of devices, locations and networks to replicate real-world conditions for your users

3. Choose your app/deviceRun your test

Execute remote automated tests of user interactions with open-source industry testing frameworks

4. Get insights

Analyze data with AI to get visibility to performance bottlenecks, issues impacting users, and suggestions for remediation

Benefits of Automated Testing with the HeadSpin Global Device Infrastructure

Real-World Condition Tests

Forget simulations; get real data from physical devices deployed on actual carrier and Wifi networks around the world.

Build Better Apps Experiences

Comprehensive data from actual customer conditions enables teams to focus on not just the app, but ultimately the customer experience.

Proactive AI Insights

More than just data, leverage AI to get insights to proactively identify performance bottlenecks and issues impacting users.

A Different Type of Device Cloud

The HeadSpin Appliance

Test more than just mobile and web devices—the HeadSpin Appliance is a physical box with real-SIM cards deployed in all locations that allows you to test anything you put inside.

No SDK needed

No SDK needed - easily instrument and collect data with the HeadSpin Appliance; no-code level changes needed.

Open Source Test Automation

Use testing frameworks you are familiar with: Appium and Selenium WebDriver for Web; UIAutomator, XCTest and Espresso.


Easily integrate with your existing CI/CD and testing workflow with support for Jmeter and LoadRunner, PagerDuty for Alerting, and others.

Flexible Hosting Models

Shared Cloud for easy accessibility, or deploy the HeadSpin Appliance on-prem or hosted by 3rd parties for security and special use-cases.

Vehicle Drive Testing

Test apps and devices deployed in vehicles for visibility into app behavior driving scenarios.

“HeadSpin lets you run Tinder as if you were standing in another country and that usually kind of hits home, especially on the product side. Because they’ve gone to India and Brazil and gotten user studies and they know that it’s massively insightful. Just to see the types of profile pictures and the way the network responds on the app — it’s kind of a portal into a world that we don’t care enough about. And we really should.”

—   AJ Chila, Director of Global, 

      Development, Tinder

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