Global Device Infrastructure

Test diverse performance and user experience scenarios under real world conditions anywhere your users are, anywhere in the world.

The HeadSpin Appliance

The HeadSpin Appliance provides a secure, portable, temperature-controlled enclosure for a wide variety of compatible devices, and allows RF access to the local WiFi or carrier network.

Enterprise-grade deployment, on-premises, in the cloud, or anywhere.

The HeadSpin Appliance can be easily rack-mounted in a data center or deployed air-gapped in your home office.





The HeadSpin Bridge

The HeadSpin Bridge enables uninterrupted local access to remote devices directly from your workstations and infrastructure, whether you work from home or on-site, no matter where you may be located. It also enables you to connect your own devices to leverage the performance and QoE analysis capabilities of the HeadSpin platform. With the option to deploy HeadSpin on-prem or leverage our extensive device cloud infrastructure, you can enjoy low-latency access to test devices, remotely control and debug your apps, run automation tests, and collaborate with teams all over the world.

The HeadSpin Cloud

HeadSpin’s global device cloud enables mobile and browser testing on thousands of SIM-enabled devices deployed in 100+ locations on real carrier and WiFi networks around the globe.

Real Devices. 100+ Locations. Global Networks.

Zero-day Availability and Premium Support

HeadSpin offers premium support for iOS including zero day OS and device support as new versions are released.

Device Support

Handsets & Tablets

OTT/Set Top Box
Apple TV &
  Apple TV 4K
Amazon Fire TV
  (all devices)

Browser Automation

Desktop Browsers
Microsoft IE & Edge

Operating Systems
Mac OS
Windows 10

Desktop Browsers
and other OEM browsers

We also support popular MDMs like MobileIron, AirWatch, WorkSpace One and others, and integrate seamlessly with your CI/CD processes with our secure, scalable developer-friendly APIs.

Better experiences. Better results.

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