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Why should you opt for HeadSpin?

At HeadSpin, we offer iOS app testing on real devices for our users. Here are some of the features of our iOS app testing offerings.

Complete Device Management

Manage your mobile device and get fine control on your API by combining local, on-premise, and cloud devices with one centralized interface and administration.

Easy iOS Testing on Local Devices

You can accelerate the iOS app testing on local Apple devices without any of the complex certification processes. The setup is automated to eliminate human error and reduce operational overheads.

A great user experience

You can augment the performance of your iOS app to meet your user’s expectations and adherence to every App Store guideline. With HeadSpin’s Continuous Testing platform, you can test your iOS app under several networks and monitor the main parts of the device during testing to limit battery or CPU memory consumption.
Make your iOS app automation testing easier across the latest iOS versions. Get instant access to real iOS devices from your browser with the best iOS testing tools.

Enhanced iOS Testing Automation Coverage

Say No to Emulators

Native Support for iOS Simulators

Get Test Logs for Root Cause Analysis

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Powerful API Support

Debug Your App Remotely on Any iOS Device

Run Tests on Multiple iOS Devices Concurrently

Are you ready for an improved iOS app performance testing experience?

HeadSpin is your solution for better results and accelerating automation skills in iOS app testing.
Experience faster in-app load times, faster development cycles, reduced production issues, and new releases with less time in QA by choosing HeadSpin iOS testing tool.