Performance Optimization

Optimize digital experiences with the HeadSpin Platform by identifying and resolving performance issues across applications, devices and networks.

Monitor and optimize performance across the entire user journey

Continuously monitor and optimize QoE across applications, devices and 3rd-party interfaces with HeadSpin’s app performance insights.
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Experience specific KPIs - audio, video, mobile & more
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KPI correlation across different applications and touchpoints
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Custom defined interaction KPIs specific for your app

Performance data from real-world conditions

The HeadSpin Global Device Infrastructure provides actual, real-world data removing ambiguity from all the various devices, networks and locations. Get real-world data from combinations of:
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Thousands of devices
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Hundreds of locations
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Real SIM-enabled devices
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Deployed on mobile carrier and WiFi networks

AI super-powers for performance issue detection

Leverage advanced AI capabilities to automatically identify performance issues in testing before they impact users.
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Root-cause analysis of user impacting performance issues
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Recommendations to proactively improve performance
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Issue predictions based on historical data

Performance Optimization = Flawless User Experiences = Improved Business Outcomes

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KPIs for QoE

Any Device, Any OS

ICN Parallel Testing

AI Issue Detection

90% reduction in number of production localisation issues (bad copy, broken UI, etc.)
Tinder Testimonial
HeadSpin could redefine QA as we know it.
With HeadSpin, we’re seeing far less broken translations and post-production fixes that need to happen. We no longer need to rush hot-fixes out for broken translations — a process that no localisation team enjoys doing.
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Head of Localization, Tinder
Akamai Logo
With 22,000+ real devices in 150+ locations around the world, HeadSpin allows Akamai to test apps with real devices
Akamai Testimonial
No code to install, no additional set up on our side.
HeadSpin is a very simple way for you to get extremely sophisticated insights and recommendations on how to improve the performance and reliability of an app. HeadSpin helped us establish credibility, and that opened up a whole set of new conversations that we didn’t expect out of the gate.
Senior Director, Project Management, Akamai
Citi Ventures Logo
Conducted 24,000 tests on both desktop browsers and mobile devices
Citi Ventures Testimonial
HeadSpin is a trusted QA technology partner for my web engineering group at Citi Ventures Studio.
HeadSpin’s Browser Testing and Functional Testing Capabilities Help Power Key Citi Ventures Applications: Worthi by Citi and City Builder
Director, Head of Engineering, Citi Ventures Studio
Kabam Logo
Conducted 24,000 tests on both desktop browsers and mobile devices
Kabam Testimonial
The UI with Remote Control is easy to use, and being able to go in and pull up a device and run the game on any device felt kind of like magic.
Frequent builds always pose a problem. Typically build teams will solve that by hiring more people. It helps a bit, but it’s not as good as having good tools. HeadSpin gave us the tools to scale in an effective way.
Executive Producer, Kabam
Pinterest Logo
60% faster in-app load times and solved regressions in 21 hours vs multiple days historically
Pinterest Testimonial
With HeadSpin Nimble we detected ~30 slowdown regressions over the course of six months.
This peace of mind from preventing regressions gives us the space and time to focus on what matters most to us–delivering an amazing experience to Pinners around the world.
Pinterest Performance Team
Pinterest Performance Team

Better experiences. Better results.

Accelerate development and innovation. Optimize performance and functionality. Ensure digital business success with HeadSpin's AI testing and dev-ops collaboration platform.