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Introduction to HeadSpin Performance KPI Capture & Analysis

September 28, 2023
Nadav Gordon
Jamie Moore

Embark on a journey of discovery in this enlightening webinar as we delve into the revolutionary capabilities of the HeadSpin Platform. Uncover an extensive range of performance Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) meticulously captured by the HeadSpin Platform, offering profound insights into your end users' experiences.

When it comes to testing mobile applications, understanding the impact of network traffic on user experience is just the starting point. Dive deeper into the realm of device-centric KPIs, including battery consumption, CPU utilization, and memory usage.

But how can you effectively contextualize KPIs from one test run with those from the past? Develop your skills in result comparison through an exploration of HeadSpin's session comparison, Regression Intelligence, and Dashboard functionalities. Equip yourself with the tools to monitor your application's performance evolution over time, ensuring an ongoing trajectory of improvement.

Seize this opportunity to expand your knowledge. Register now to be a part of this illuminating webinar and unlock the ways in which the HeadSpin Platform empowers you to surpass your end users' expectations in application delivery.

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About HeadSpin

HeadSpin helps Telcos, media organizations, and large enterprises analyze and improve the user experience of their digital products through its global real device infrastructure, on the edge end-to-end testing, and ML-driven performance and quality of experience analytics.

The HeadSpin data science platform enables collaboration among global teams to accelerate release cycles, build for complex real user environments, and proactively detect and resolve issues whether at the code, device, or network layer. HeadSpin currently works alongside a number of global telco and media organizations today to:

  • Monitor and improve 5G user experience
  • Improve streaming experience for OTT apps
  • Test and optimize data, voice, and messaging services
  • Assess and validate device compatibility
  • Offer regression insights for accelerated development
  • Deploy software at the edge
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