Introducing HeadSpin Create-Your-Own-Lab

July 30, 2021
HeadSpin Team

Many companies find themselves in the predicament of having invested in a large variety of test devices that they then struggle to keep track of and make globally accessible to all developers and testers across the organization.

HeadSpin’s Create-Your-Own-Lab (CYOL) capability provides an easy way to organize and utilize your existing device investment—so you can run extensive compatibility tests and remotely test and debug key workflows for your app as if the device were in the palm of your hand.

In this session, we demonstrate how Create-Your-Own-Lab can help you:

  • Maximize your existing device investment
  • Increase efficiency with uninterrupted low-latency access to remote devices
  • Collaborate with distributed and field teams all over the world
  • Leverage the performance and QoE analysis capabilities of the HeadSpin platform

Brien Colwell

Co-founder and CTO

Ilya Dreytser

Vice President, Worldwide Customer Engineering


HeadSpin Team